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One solution to these problems is to create a special class that contains all the values needed to initialize a class, and to have only one parameter to the method: that class type. That way, you only pass around one object with all the relevant dependencies. (This is also known as a parameter object refactoring.) This can get out of hand pretty quickly, with dozens of properties on an object; but it s possible. Another possible solution to these problems is using inversion of control (IoC) containers. You can think of IoC containers as smart factories for your objects (although they are much more than that). A couple of well-known containers of this type are Spring.NET and Castle Windsor. Both provide special factory methods that take in the type of object you d like to create and any dependencies that it needs, and then initialize the object using special configurable rules such as what constructor to call, what properties to set in what order, and so on. They re powerful when put to use on a complicated composite object hierarchy where creating an object requires creating and initializing objects several levels down the line. If your class needs an ILogger interface at its constructor, for example, you can configure such a container object to always return the same ILogger object that you give it, when resolving this interface requirement. The end result of using containers is usually simpler handling and retrieving of objects, and less worry about the dependencies or maintaining the constructors.
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Since a string is made of characters, the length of the string is also the number of characters it has in it. Actually, length is a string property. You use it to get a string s character count. Here is how you do that: length of "rope" result: 12 The result is a number, in this case the number 4, since the string "rope" has four characters. In addition to the length property, you can also use the count command to get the number of characters of a string. Like length, the count command can work on strings, lists, and records: count "Hello world!" result: 12
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Most scripting languages have user communities that are constantly developing new scripts and tools. For example, if you are a Perl programmer, you are likely aware of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). CPAN is a huge collection of freely available Perl software, modules, and documentation that you can download and use in your programs. These modules cover a broad spectrum of
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CHAPTER 12: Physics Engines
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Data domains are different from object domains. When we deal with objects like arrays and collections, we use iteration to retrieve their elements. If we re looking for a particular element based on its content rather than its index, we have to use a loop and process each element individually. For example, for an array of strings there is no built-in method to retrieve all elements whose length is equal to a particular value. LINQ addresses this challenge by providing a uniform way to access data from any data source using familiar syntax. It lets us focus on working with data rather than on accessing it. LINQ to Objects can be used with any class that implements the IEnumerable(Of T) interface. Let s look at how it works.
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CHAPTER 4: GUI Components
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Actually, this exercise exposes some of the shortcomings of the Core Data Assistant. Apart from the interesting ordering of controls, there are a couple of problems with the controls themselves. First, the Notes field ought to be a Text View, not an Image Well. Second, the field where you are intending to put the subscription expiry date is a Text Field (albeit one with a Date Formatter), which is not the friendliest way to enter a date. These are indicated in Figure 5 8. These are easy enough to rectify. Just drag out a Text View control and a Date Picker control and drop them in a convenient place in the window. Don t delete the existing controls yet they have some useful information to impart! The biggest benefit of the Core Data Assistant is that it doesn t just create user interface objects for you it also creates and connects these controls to the appropriate controllers using Data Bindings. Let s see how this works. Select the Text Field for the date attribute (the little orange button that appears next to it, by the way, is the formatter use this to configure the format of the content of the Text Field) and then choose the Bindings tab in the Inspector. See Figure 5 9.
Listing 5.10 Reading a file from the user s isolated storage area
finder method has the responsibility of returning all columns for a particular row, and that the row is identified using a unique identifier. This is often a primary key or other unique column. The IDEnumerator only returns the Identifier column. The ID Enumerator gets called first; every ID value is returned for the Identifier. This is then followed by the specific finder, which returns all of the other columns for each row that was identified. Each entity can only have one IDEnumerator. If you don t create an IDEnumerator, you won t be able to search the business data for that particular entity.
directives for any other classes the implementation needs to know about. Listing 2-18 shows the beginning of a typical pair of source files for the StringPool class.
Figure 21 5. Magic Piano world view watching others play the piano
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