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CHAPTER 9: Fake It Til You Make It: Tips and Tricks for Improving Interface Responsiveness
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would never be called. Instead, connection:didReceiveResponse: is called with an NSHTTPURLResponse object that indicates the error. Fortunately, handling HTTP protocol errors is pretty easy (especially given our approach toward error handling):
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predefined access, mapped to a SQL Server login and associated database user. An audit application installed on the database server is able to recognize that it was Joan who requested customer information, and logs her user account in the audit log. This scenario was made possible because Kerberos delegation was put in place. The next section explains some of the important aspects of delegation you need to understand before implementing it in your environment.
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Algorithm Association Rules
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Consider a transaction-scope cache. It makes sense if this cache is also used as the identity scope of persistent objects. If, during a transaction, the application attempts to retrieve the same object twice, the transaction-scope cache ensures that both lookups return the same .NET instance. A transaction-scope cache is a good fit for persistence mechanisms that provide transaction-scoped object identity. In the case of the process-scope cache, objects retrieved may be returned by value. Instead of storing and returning instances, the cache contains tuples of data. Each unit of work first retrieves a copy of the state from the cache (a tuple) and then uses that to construct its own persistent instance in memory. Unlike the transaction-scope cache discussed previously, the scope of the cache and the scope of the object identity are no longer the same. A cluster-scope cache always requires remote communication because it s likely to operate over several machines. In the case of POCO-oriented persistence solutions like NHibernate, objects are always passed remotely by value. Therefore, the cluster-scope cache handles identity the same way as the process-scope cache; they each store copies of data and pass that data to the application so they can create their own instances from it. In NHibernate terms, they re both second-level caches, the main difference being that a cluster-scope cache can be distributed across several computers if needed. Let s discuss which scenarios benefit from second-level caching and when to turn on the process- (or cluster-) scope second-level cache. Note that the first-level transaction scope cache is always on and is mandatory. The decisions to be made are whether to use the second-level cache, what type to use, and what data it should be used for.
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Check out Customer Reviews
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Creating a database
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Listing 5.41 shows what would be required to perform the same grouping without LINQ.
* Categories are part of the Atom protocol charter, but may not be in the final specification.
string titleBar = "{0} - MyPhotos MDI {1:#}.{2:#}"; if (ActiveMdiChild is MainForm) { string albumTitle = ((MainForm)ActiveMdiChild).AlbumTitle; this.Text = String.Format(titleBar, albumTitle, ver.Major, ver.Minor); } else if (ActiveMdiChild is PixelDlg) { this.Text = String.Format(titleBar, "Pixel Data", ver.Major, ver.Minor); } else { this.Text = String.Format( "MyPhotos MDI {0:#}.{1:#}", ver.Major, ver.Minor); } } protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { PixelDlg.GlobalMdiParent = this; SetTitleBar(); base.OnLoad(e); }
16.7 Best practice considerations: Resource Governor
Private Sub BadThreadMethod() Thread.Sleep(60000) Dim MyName As String MyName = Thread.CurrentThread.Name While (True) BadThreadLocation = "Before Enter " + Now.ToString() Monitor.Enter(LockingObject) BadThreadLocation = "In Lock " + Now.ToString() SharedString = MyName + " " + Now.ToString() Thread.Sleep(1000) End While End Sub
the line of code @synthesize rainHandling;, the compiler emits the compiled code for -setRainHandling: and -rainHandling.
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