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Customizing the Document Information panel with InfoPath 2007
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mode of the page and delete the failing Web Part(s). Simply check all the Web Parts that you d like to remove and click the Delete link. If you select to close a Web Part instead, it s not removed and you can restore it as described in the previous section. You can reset Web Parts if you ve reconfigured a Web Part in the Shared view and you d like to remove all personal settings. This approach will reset the selected Web Parts in all Personal views to the current Shared view configuration. Using the SharePoint web interface to customize Web Parts and build simple mashups is just one method. Sometimes using the free tool called SharePoint Designer 2010 is the better choice.
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Designing and architecting for cloud scale
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Reporting application
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Silverlight supports a range of movement and click-related events emitted from the mouse. These events can be handled by any UIElement. The most familiar of these events are probably the click-handling events because they behave similarly to the keyboard events. Table 8.3 shows these click-related actions along with their descriptions.
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Start by creating a new Xcode project using the Cocoa Application template, and name it WindowLab. We ll use this project as a testbed for demonstrating a variety of window features. In Mac OS X, nearly everything you see on-screen is presented using windows. Many windows are easily recognizable, having the standard controls along the top, dropshadow behind it, perhaps a resizing control at the lower right.
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Why would you ever want a multidimensional array If you haven t already guessed, the answer to this question is going to lead us back to our DVD-tracking example. Here are the declarations for our three DVD-tracking arrays:
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PS (13) > rm function:/clippy
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Inserting Blocks with Attributes
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In order to call code that resides in a different database, you ll need to use three-part notation. Three-part notation looks like this:
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A T-SQL incremental load
To get the styles to show up appropriately, we have to make sure that the right buttons have the right styles. Digits look like this:
The LinqBooks running example Querying collections Using LINQ with ASP .NET and Windows Forms Major standard query operators
What s the Business Data Catalog
Take a look at the revised object.
Listing 9.9 shows the Padding property using a space-delimited list of values. The values can also be comma-delimited. This list of values represents the amount of spacing to use on each side of the text, within the outer limits of the TextBlock element. The first value in the list represents the thickness of the spacing on the left side of the text. The subsequent values represent the top, right, and bottom thicknesses of the buffer. As you can see, these values specify the thicknesses in a clockwise order. This granular approach gives the Padding property a significant amount of flexibility. The Padding property represents one of the more basic features of the TextBlock, which is one of the more basic elements in Silverlight. This element will be used in most Silverlight applications you write. The TextBlock always renders text using the specified font or a default fallback if unspecified or if the font is unavailable. If the font you re using in your TextBlock or other control isn t a standard font, you may want to consider embedding it with your application.
Then it is filled with factors in the init method of the ParallaxBackground class. Notice how NSNumber numberWithFloat is used to store a float value inside the array:
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