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Listing 7.10 A poorly implemented Setup() method
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Figure 3 14. Clicking the X in the status window in iTunes to cancel the sync
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public class FeedInputWebPart : WebPart, IUrlConnection
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Index design and maintenance
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It s sometimes useful to define a parameter to take a variable number of parameters. (Console.WriteLine() is a good example.) C# allows such support to be easily added: using System; class Port { // version with a single object parameter public void Write(string label, object arg) { WriteString(label); WriteString(arg.ToString()); }
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NOTE: We will show you how to set up both Google/Microsoft Exchange and MobileMe in 24. Choose Gmail if you use Google for only your e-mail, but you do not (or do not want to) wirelessly sync e-mail with your Google Contacts or Google Calendar. Choose Yahoo! Mail if you use Yahoo! Choose AOL if you use AOL. Choose Other if none of the above apply, and you want to sync a standard POP or IMAP email account. Then choose Add Mail Account from the next screen. 5. Type your name as you would like others to see it when they receive mail from you into the Name field. Then, add the appropriate information into the Address, Password, and a Description fields. Tap the Save or Next button in the
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} } }; } if (Object.create === undefined) { Object.create = function (parent, descriptors) { var Proxy = function () {}, child; Proxy.prototype = parent; child = new Proxy(); if (descriptors !== undefined) { Object.defineProperties(child, descriptors); } return child; }; } var extend = function (child, parent, descriptors) { child.prototype = Object.create(parent.prototype, descriptors); Object.defineProperty(child.prototype, "constructor", { value: child, writable: true }); if (! parent.prototype.hasOwnProperty("constructor")) { Object.defineProperty(parent.prototype, "constructor", { value: parent, writable: true }); } Object.defineProperty(child, "superclass", { value: parent.prototype, writable: true, configurable: true }); }; var Strawberry = function(strawberry) { this.strawberry = [2, "cup", strawberry strawberry : "fraises des bois"]; }; Strawberry.prototype = { heavyCream: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], halfHalf: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], sugar: [5/8, "cup"], yolks: [3], vanilla: [1, "bean", "Madagascar Bourbon"] }; var CherryGarcia = function(cherry, bittersweet) { this.cherries = [2, "cup, pitted and halved", cherry cherry : "Bing"]; this.bittersweet = [1, "cup, coarsely chopped", bittersweet bittersweet : "Callebaut"]; }; extend(CherryGarcia, Strawberry, { sugar: { value: [9/16, "cup"],
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Back in chapter 10, I introduced you to PowerShell s remoting features. In that chapter, you used two primary cmdlets Invoke-Command and Enter-PSSession to access both one-to-many and one-to-one remote control. Each of those cmdlets worked by creating a new remoting connection, doing whatever work you specified, and then closing that connection. There s nothing wrong with that approach, but it can be tiring to have to continually specify computer names, credentials, alternative port numbers, and so on. In this chapter, we ll look at an easier, more reusable way of tackling remoting. You ll also learn about a third way of using remoting that will really come in handy.
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Figure 12.1 DataForm showing generated edit controls bound to a single object without a backing collection. Note that there s no toolbar or set of navigation buttons. Not all fields are shown, so your form will look slightly different.
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sequence. Let s look at a couple of examples. The code snippet in Listing 1-13 returns all the elements from the sequence, just like SELECT * in SQL. Figure 1-6 shows the output.
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RdbConnection Password As previously, this is required if you want to
Note A newly created channel inherits the parent channel s rights groups.
Checking for Existing Layers
Writing a Simple Active Record Layer: ISModel
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