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Listin g 2-1. Nonsense Comparison Statement
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Add a TEMPLATE folder to the VS.NET project for the 12 hive content, as shown in figure 5.20. Add an XML folder to the TEMPLATE folder. Add a new XML file to the XML folder called
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Note Categories underscore the fact that Objective-C classes are assembled dynamically at runtime. A GUI
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Refer to Figure 2 10 to see the results.
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Figure 2-24. Pressing the magnifying-glass icon to use the SQL Server Query Visualizer
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We mentioned a lot of keyboard shortcuts in this chapter. As promised, we ve collected them all in one easy place Table 7-1. Feel free to tear out this page before you give the book to someone else, unless you think that would be rude.
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SQL Server Agent job permissions
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SQLOS schedulers
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$l = 0; foreach ($f in dir *.txt) { $l += $f.length }
By retaining the steps that were used to create the query, IQueryable s provider implementation can translate the language construct into a format understood by the underlying data source. Also, we can compositionally create and extend the query constructs by adding more functionality (ordering, grouping, aggregating, paging) and then evaluate and execute the results all at once. At this point, you may be saying, Okay, I understand how the compiler can know to use LINQ to SQL instead of LINQ to Objects, but what are the expression things you keep mentioning I m glad you asked, as they are the next layer that we must strip away.
Creating the Background As Stripes
Using the SNAC s failover partner option automates a lot of the hard work in application reconnection logic required for other high-availability options. However, even with database mirroring in place, client connections originating from non-SNAC sources won t be able to take advantage of automatic reconnection, unless the reconnection logic is coded into the application. This is an important high-availability consideration; while the database may fail over immediately and without any data loss, if the clients can t automatically reconnect to the mirror, it can hardly be considered a success, thus devaluing part of the appeal of automatic failover. High-safety mirroring sessions can also use the manual failover method.
The BookList tag is used to reference a custom control that displays a list of books. The RowDataBound event is used to provide the list of books to display to the BookList user control. This technique is used to ensure compile-time validation of the code. Listing 13.6 shows the code of the event handler for RowDataBound.
The definitive source of information about RSS 0.91 is the specification itself, but for your convenience we have provided a summary diagram in figure 4.1. Each box in the diagram represents an XML element, and the arrows indicate containment. For example, the <rss> element contains the <channel> element, which contains <description>, <link>, <language>, and so on. We saw the <rss>, <channel>, and <item> elements in listing 4.1, but some new elements here deserve mention:
Listing 5-1 shows a code snippet for compensating for the user s finger.
IDataErrorInfo is used by the ErrorProvider in WinForm applications to provide immediate feedback to the user that an object doesn t meet a set of business logic. The implementation in this example is not intended to be a full-featured rules management application, only to demonstrate the possibilities that arise by leveraging the partial class implementation. In this case, we can centralize the business logic of our class to a single CheckRules method B. Then whenever the UI detects a change in the business object, it checks the validity of the object and the changing property. If the resulting string returned from the Error or the column name indexer contains values, an error icon is displayed as shown in figure 8.6. In this grid, the rules we place in the CheckRules method are checked as users change values. If the user-supplied value does not agree with the business rules, the user is shown a nonintrusive notification that he needs to change his value. The key thing to take away here is that we can use the LINQ to SQL Designer to generate our business class and put our logic in the partial class implementation.
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