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Listing 3-8. Class Declaration for a Class Using Audio Queue Services @interface SimpleAQPlayViewController : UIViewController { AudioStreamBasicDescription mDataFormat; AudioQueueRef mQueue; AudioQueueBufferRef mBuffers[kNumberBuffers]; AudioFileID mAudioFile; UInt32 bufferByteSize; SInt64 mCurrentPacket; UInt32 mNumPacketsToRead; AudioStreamPacketDescription *mPacketDescs; BOOL mIsRunning; } @property @property @property @property @property @property (readwrite) (readwrite) (readwrite) (readwrite) (readwrite) (readwrite) UInt32 AudioFileID AudioStreamPacketDescription SInt64 AudioQueueRef BOOL mNumPacketsToRead; mAudioFile; *mPacketDescs; mCurrentPacket; mQueue; mIsRunning;
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Bill Graziano has been a SQL Server consultant for 10 years, doing production support, performance tuning, and application development. He serves on the board of directors for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), where he serves as the vice president of marketing and sits on the executive committee. He s a regular speaker at conferences and user groups across the country. Bill runs the popular web site http:/ /SQLTeam.com and is currently a SQL Server MVP.
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PS (1) > $cmd = >> '"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcvarsall.bat"' +
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Comment out the production code you think isn t being covered. Run all the tests.
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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
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Yes, Acrobat Distiller 6 now uses the command Distill instead of open, and if you want it to take you seriously, you better supply it with POSIX paths for source and destination file paths.
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Now, I want you to center the text. To accomplish this, you can either type the following code directly, or you can copy and paste the line you just inserted above itself and then edit it to appear as follows: The file should now appear as:
Figure 14.16 In combination with a benchmark that establishes a system s breaking point, baseline analysis enables early warning of likely performancedegradation points.
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