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If a class has an ordering that s expressed in IComparable, it may also make sense to overload the other relational operators. As with == and !=, other operators must be declared as pairs, with < and > being one pair and >= and <= being the other pair. For example: using System; public class Employee: IComparable { public Employee(string name, int id) { this.name = name; this.id = id; } int IComparable.CompareTo(object obj) { Employee emp2 = (Employee) obj; if (this.id > emp2.id) return(1); if (this.id < emp2.id) return(-1); else return(0); } public static bool operator <( Employee emp1, Employee emp2) { IComparable icomp = (IComparable) emp1; return(icomp.CompareTo (emp2) < 0); } public static bool operator >( Employee emp1, Employee emp2) { IComparable icomp = (IComparable) emp1; return(icomp.CompareTo (emp2) > 0); } public static bool operator <=( Employee emp1, Employee emp2) { IComparable icomp = (IComparable) emp1; return(icomp.CompareTo (emp2) <= 0); }
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printf( printf( printf( printf( "sizeof( "sizeof( "sizeof( "sizeof( char ) = %d\n", (int)sizeof( char ) ); short ) = %d\n", (int)sizeof( short ) ); int ) = %d\n", (int)sizeof( int ) ); long ) = %d\n", (int)sizeof( long ) );
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In this chapter, we show you some good ways to type and save valuable time typing on your iPhone, whether you use the portrait (vertical/smaller) keyboard or the landscape (horizontal/larger) keyboard. You will learn how to select different language keyboards, how to type symbols, and other tips. Later in this chapter, we will show you about the spotlight search and the Copy and Paste function. Copy and Paste will save you lots of time as well as increase accuracy when working with your iPhone.
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10.9 Ideas for on your own
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But the two statements aren t equivalent. The former statement finds records with the word bike, skipping those with bikes, biker, and other forms. Changing the latter statement to LIKE '% bike %' doesn t work either, if the word is next to punctuation. The CONTAINS and FREETEXT keywords can also handle certain forms of fuzzy matches, for example:
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while($true) {
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int i; for (i = 0; i < 4; i++) { Tire *tireCopy; tireCopy = [[self tireAtIndex: i] copy]; [tireCopy autorelease]; [carCopy setTire: tireCopy atIndex: i]; }
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<books> <book> <title>LINQ in Action</title> <author>Bill Gates</author> </book> </books>
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The key to this code is the ability to treat sender as a MenuItem object. The Index property is not available in the object class, so we need to convert our variable of type object into a variable of type MenuItem. Since the conversion is down the class hierarchy, such a conversion is called a downcast. In C++ such operations are dangerous since object might be something other than the target class type. In C#, downcasting is much safer. In fact, an illegal cast of an object throws an exception of type InvalidCastException. We verify that sender is a MenuItem object to ensure that an exception will not be thrown here. The Index parameter is used to set the currently selected mode as well as an index into the modeMenuArray variable for determining the new value for the SizeMode property. Windows Forms controls support the Invalidate method. This method invalidates the contents of the control so that the system will redraw, or paint, any changes onto the screen. In this case, we want the control to redraw the image with our new SizeMode setting. Look carefully at what we have done here. This code is based solely on the index of the menu within its parent. We can add new menu items to our View menu or even use an alternate menu with a similar list of items. As long as we keep our modeMenuArray up to date, this method will reset the SizeMode property appropriately.
Listing 3.10 Using special build flags
Text with escaped HTML Text that may contain HTML markup, but with all markup escaped so that it is not interpreted as XML.
Figure 12.5 The StartTime of the Process is now shown, formatted to show the short version of the date.
Planet Tool architecture
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