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Figure 2.1 The .NET framework s relationship to OS, IIS, and unmanaged code
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If the user says Yes, then remove the selected items.
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New Group for Google/Exchange Contacts
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The ratio of plumbing code to real code can be high compared to direct LINQ to SQL code. If you return LINQ to SQL entities or queries from your DAL, these objects support deferred execution and lazy fetching, weakening your division. Your DAL should return objects that can be passed between components at different tiers.
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The current date command is part of Standard Additions, which comes with the Mac OS. The command takes no parameters and returns a date object containing the current date and time, such as date "Sunday, July 2, 2006 10:15:09 PM". When used as part of a larger operation, the current date command likes to be enclosed in parentheses. Actually, AppleScript is quite aware of that and will many times enclose it, as well as other commands, with parentheses when the script is compiled.
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Files provide another example of indirection. Consider Word-Length-1, a program that prints a list of words along with their lengths; it is in the 03.04 Word-Length-1 folder. This vital program is the key technology for your new Web 2.0 start-up, Here s the listing:
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1. At this point perhaps we should say something about standing on the shoulders of giants . 1
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These two attachment need to be tapped in order to view them.
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Query operator
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Figure 10.11 The AW Campaigner Web service sequence diagram shows that a table-level trigger initiates the blog file update process.
Authentication and authorization
UPDATE THE ONLOAD METHOD Action 7 Modify the OnLoad method to only initialize the TreeView control. Result
void CustomSort<TKey>(Func<Book, TKey> selector) { var books = from book in SampleData.Books orderby selector(book) select book; ObjectDumper.Write(books); }
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