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You can sync notes with your computer or other web site using the methods we show you in 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes and 4: Other Sync Methods. In Figure 23 1, we synced using iTunes from the notes stored in Microsoft Outlook to the Notes app on our iPhone. The nice thing about syncing notes is that you can add a note on your computer and have it just appear on your iPhone. Then when you are out and about, you can edit that note and have it synced back to your computer. No more re-typing or remembering things. You always have your iPhone with you, so taking notes anywhere, anytime, can be a great way never to forget anything important.
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The Data Profiling task is new for SSIS 2008. It has the capability to create multiple types of data profiles across any target tables you specify. Using it can be as simple as adding it to a package, selecting a SQL Server table, and picking one or more profiles to run against that table. Each profile returns a different set of information about the data in the target table. First, we ll cover the types of profiles that can be created, and then how you can work with them.
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In the Customize window (shown in figure 2), add your T-SQL code next to the chosen keyboard shortcut and click OK. To define custom shortcuts in SSMS:
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The Assemble() method is called when an instance of the type is read from the second-level cache F. The Disassemble() method is called when an instance of the type is written to the second-level cache G. The order of properties must be the same in the PropertyNames, PropertyTypes, and GetPropertyValues() methods. The InitialPrice property now maps to two columns, so you declare both in the mapping file. The first column stores the value; the second stores the currency of the MonetaryAmount. Note that the order of columns must match the order of properties in your type implementation:
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Listing 4 5. Enabling Accelerometer Input and Creating and Positioning the Player Sprite. -(id) init { if ((self = [super init])) { CCLOG(@"%@: %@", NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), self); self.isAccelerometerEnabled = YES; player = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"alien.png"]; [self addChild:player z:0 tag:1]; CGSize screenSize = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSize]; float imageHeight = [player texture].contentSize.height; player.position = CGPointMake(screenSize.width / 2, imageHeight / 2); } return self; }
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Converting C Strings into NSString Objects
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Security and the private cloud
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Get-HotFixes -prop ServicePackInEffect,Description
set the_date_string to "7/27/2003" set the_date to date the_date_string if (current date) = the_date then display dialog "happy birthday" end if You may expect the script, if ran on July 27, 2003, to display a dialog box, right Wrong when you run line 2 of the preceding script, the resulting date is Sunday, July 27, 2003 12:00:00 AM. This means the script displays the dialog box only if it runs at exactly midnight! You have a few ways to remedy this problem. One is to compare the day, month, and year separately. You could also take the date portion of the current date command and convert that into a date, giving you today s date, at midnight. Script 5-4 shows how that might work. Script 5-4. set the_date_string to "7/27/2003" set the_date to date the_date_string set todays_date_string to date string of (current date) set todays_date to date todays_date_string if todays_date = the_date then display dialog "happy birthday" end if Another way to check whether two dates are equal is to get the current date relative to time 0:00:00, like this: set the_date_string to "7/27/2003" set the_date to date the_date_string if (date "0:00:00" relative to current date) = the_date then ... display dialog "happy birthday" end if You can also use the comes after (same as >) and comes before (same as <) operators with dates: set the_date_string to "11/13/2003" set the_date to date the_date_string (current date) comes after the_date In this case, you still have a chance that you will not get the intended result because any time after midnight on July 27 will be considered after the_date. As an exercise, modify this code so it also checks that the current date is not more than a day after the_date either and returns true only when both conditions are true. (Hint: you ll need to use an and operator to combine the results of the two comparison tests, and the days constant will be handy too.) Script 5-5 is an example script that looks at a version of a file both in the server and on the local hard drive. If the hard drive version of the file is newer, the file is copied over to the server version. Script 5-5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. set backup_folder_path to "Backup:files:" set file_folder_path to "Macintosh HD:Users:hanaan:Documents:" set file_name to "proposal.pdf" --get modification date of the original file set file_info to info for alias (file_folder_path & file_name) set original_modification_date to modification date of file_info --get modification date of the original file set file_info to info for alias (backup_folder_path & file_name)
Digging the Code
Here we use the Func<T, TResult> generic delegate type defined in the System namespace. This type is declared as follows in the System.Core.dll assembly that comes with .NET 3.5:
} i ++; } "I feel " + mood + "!"; // "I feel cheery!" Verify your work with Figure 4 8.
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A Web Part verb that invokes a JavaScript A JavaScript that opens the dialog A page that represents the dialog A hidden field in the Web Part that contains the URL Functionality to update the Web Part with the value from the hidden field
You have finished certificate authentication. Next, you can configure settings in the SCA.
string s4 = @"C:\WINNT";
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