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Once the data source is created, copy an existing MOM event report and import it into Visual Studio, which will enable you to customize it as required (as mentioned before, this method allows you to ensure that the report visually matches the existing MOM reports). In order to do this, log into the MOM Reporting web console and locate a MOM event report. For this example, we will use the Event Analysis report found in the Operational Health Analysis report folder. This report (shown in Figure 8-3) allows you to locate a specific event using a number of parameters. You will simplify this report so that it allows you to input a specific event ID and a time period, and the report will display all matching MOM events.
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Listin g 11-2. Changing the Current Working Directory
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What follows is a short review of the current isolation frameworks in .NET. It s usually a good idea to pick one and stick with it as much as possible, for the sake of readability and to lower the learning curve for team members. The information that follows should help you make a choice, but note that each of the frameworks mentioned (especially the top three) can add new features at an alarming pace, so the choice of what s best for your team will seem to be in a constant state of flux.
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Hello World example
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The (-) means that IBAction is an instance method. (IBAction) is the returned type. hello is the method name. (id) is the argument type sendr is the argument name That s all we ll do with methods for now. We ll be repeating these steps of creating and using methods in the chapters ahead, and as you practice, the concept will become clearer and clearer.
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This example creates a basic InkPresenter within a Grid. If you were to create a Silverlight application using this XAML, it d look like the InkPresenter doesn t do anything. The InkPresenter is designed to dynamically render ink as it s drawn, so let s look at how to dynamically collect ink content.
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Instead of an IList of Items, this query returns an IList of object[] arrays. At index 0 is the Item, and at index 1 is the Bid. A particular Item may appear multiple times, once for each associated Bid. This is all different from the case of a query with an eager fetch join. The query with the fetch join returned an IList of Items, with initialized Bids collections. If you don t want the Bids in the query result, you can specify a select clause in HQL. This clause is optional (it isn t optional in SQL), so you only have to use it when you aren t satisfied with the result returned by default. You use the alias in a select clause to retrieve only the selected objects:
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The headset consists of two white earphones for listening to music, videos, or phone calls, and a small controller attached to the wire to the right earphone. Plug this into the hole on the top left edge of your iPhone. Make sure it is all the way inserted it can be a little tough to press in. As the image here shows, the controller has a plus (+) and minus (-) key as well as a Center button. You can increase or decrease volume with the (+) and (-) keys and use the Center button to answer or hang up phone calls.
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Hello World with NHibernate
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Listing 7 shows the code to extract the tracks.
Read-Only Fields
Getting Ready For Your First iPhone/iPad Project
Out-of-the-box BDC Web Parts
Using only SQL Server is a limitation of the report model designer within BIDS. We expect that future releases will support ad hoc reporting against other data sources.
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