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Table 6.5 lists NHibernate types for handling binary data and large objects. Note that none of these types may be used as the type of an identifier property. BinaryBlob and StringClob are mainly supported by SQL Server. They can have a large size and are fully loaded in memory. This can be a performance killer if you use
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Checking $x, we see that it is (correctly) unchanged.
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The last property that you can set on the Security tab is cryptography. If you click the Change button, you will be presented with a dialog box in which you can configure SOAP authentication token expiration and cryptography key timeout. The next tab in the Properties dialog box is Active Directory, shown in figure 8.12. Once you publish your instance of UDDI Services to Active Directory, users can search your UDDI Services by using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). You can click the Remove button to remove the UDDI Services instance from Active Directory, which will prevent it from being searched. The final tab, Advanced (figure 8.13), allows you to configure advanced properties for your site. The three advanced properties are: Operator The value used to populate the Operator attribute in SOAP API responses Find.MaxRowsDefault The maximum number of rows returned in a search result DefaultDiscoveryURL The default discovery URL that is attached to providers published in UDDI 8.2.2 Server properties Now that we ve talked about all of the properties of the site, let s look at the properties of your server. When you install UDDI Services on a server, you can manage the properties of the component(s) that you installed (remember, you don t have to install all 201
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PS C:\> $computers.toupper() Method invocation failed because [System.Object[]] doesn't contain a metho d named 'toupper'.
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Middle out: generating entities from the mapping
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Now it is time to create the actual Xcode project. You can start the project from any cocos2d template for example, the cocos2d HelloWorld application template. You can also use an existing project. There s but one caveat: the cocos2d version should be at least v0.99.5 beta 3. You can determine which version of cocos2d your project is using in three ways. First, if your project is built and you run it, one of the first lines in the debugger console will read something like this:
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Listing 4.4 Invoking scripts on a loaded web page HTML:
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Blog your software build process
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This chapter covers Learning about information security in the public cloud Considering the deployment of private clouds Using private clouds to your advantage Getting to know virtual private clouds
You might be creating software that someone else will maintain, or you might be working as part of a development team. Or you might, like me, be someone who can t remember today how the code you wrote three months ago works. In any of these cases, it s a good idea to document your code. Obviously you can, and probably do, add comments to your code at significant points. With a little more work you can take those comments and turn them into nicely formatted HTML documentation that will enhance the value and maintainability of your software. In this last part of the chapter, you will be using a third-party tool to generate documentation. If you have developed in Java or .NET you may have used documentation generators like JavaDoc and NDoc. You will be using a similar approach with a program called Doxygen.
[Test] public void TestingObjectPropertiesWithObjects() { MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository(); IWebService mockservice = mocks.CreateMock<IWebService>(); using (mocks.Record()) { mockservice.LogError( new TraceMessage("Some Message",100,"Some Source")); } mockservice.LogError(new TraceMessage("",1,"Some Source")); mocks.VerifyAll(); //this should fail the test }
public class MyForm : System.Windows.Forms.Form { public MyForm() { this.Text = "Hello Form"; } public static void Main() { System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(new MyForm()); } }
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