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1. On the computer that will run MCMS Content Server, launch the MCMS 2002 setup program. 2. On the Custom Setup page, select only CMS Server. 3. On the Customer Information page, enter the user name for your administrator account in the following form: <local machine or domain>\<username>. More information is available in 3 on changing the default disk cache folder location and cache size.
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that is not protected. Addressing security is an important topic for MCMS administration. Refer to 4 or MSDN for additional information about security.
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Note the use of the delegate, ThreadStart, to provide a reference to the method to be run by the thread. To start the thread, we call its Start method, while a call to its Join method causes the program to wait for the thread to complete.
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Making tests more maintainable
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Note that this index is different from a unique index on all three columns (EmailAddress, LastName, FirstName). A unique index on all three columns would allow two persons with different names to have the same EmailAddress. Keeping the number of indexes small is essential in most cases it allows for quick selects without slowing modifications too much. Having one index serve many purposes allows you to keep the number of indexes small.
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Each of these objects can be used in the static WaitAny and WaitAll methods of the WaitHandle class. WaitAny allows for waiting until one of many objects becomes signaled. An example of when this would be useful is a search algorithm. When one of the threads finds the answer, it s time to stop looking. WaitAll is a way of waiting for all objects in a set to be signaled before allowing processing to continue. This is useful when work is split up among multiple threads and processing cannot continue until all threads have completed their work. This section is intended to introduce each of the WaitHandle classes. We will cover each in detail in the next sections. The important thing to understand is that a WaitHandle-derived object is either signaled or not. Think of this as a Boolean variable. It is either on or off. These classes are less intuitive than the Monitor class. They provide a great deal of power over the synchronization of threads. If the Monitor class is not sufficient, these classes provide the capability of creating very powerful synchronization constructs.
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Listing 20.14 A sample VideoSink class for capturing raw webcam video
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52 Reporting Services tips and tricks
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Working with XML using LINQ
Figure 8-4 illustrates the Line object.
TIP: Suppose you met someone at the bus stop someone you wanted to remember. Of course you should enter your new friend s first and last name (if you know it), but also enter the words bus stop in the Company name field. Then when you type the letters bus or stop, you should instantly find everyone you met at the bus stop, even if you can t remember their names!
The Weather Channel
MCMS Development Using Page Objects
I haven t yet found any attribute that Product depends on, so I can t use the same argument used previously to exclude attributes without unknown dependency from the test. In this case, though, I can exclude the attributes that are already known to depend on some attribute. The reason for this is explained in the sidebar Why can t an attribute depend on two independent attributes After having removed the transitively dependent attribute CustomerName and after modifying the remainder of the second row to test OrderNo, Qty, Price, and TotalPrice for dependency on Product, I got the data as shown in table 5. The domain expert rejected this modified example; she claimed that the same product would always have the same price. Obviously, price is functionally dependent on product, and this means that according to third normal form, we have to create a new
Listing 20.12 shows the new XAML required to create the display shown in figure 20.12. Note the use of the DataTemplate for displaying the bound image information.
Listing 5.14 Comparing full objects
You should carefully name your projects when working with SharePoint. Do this for other projects as well. With a good naming convention, it s easier to locate the source of any failures during troubleshooting. A good convention is to use your company name and the name of the project. Throughout this book I ll use the following standard: WebPartsInAction.ChNN. <Project name>, where NN is replaced by the chapter number and <Project name> with the actual project we re creating.
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