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You can run Planet Tool by using one of the scripts provided. Use the planettool.sh shell script for UNIX; use the planet-tool.bat script for Windows. To run Planet Tool, open a console window, cd to the Planet Tool directory, and run the appropriate script for your platform, passing the path to your configuration file on the command line. You can find these scripts and instructions for building and running Planet Tool in the online examples directory java/ch11. If you want your Planet Tool site to be kept up to date, you ll have to run it as either a scheduled task in Windows or a cron task in UNIX so that it runs every hour or whatever frequency you think is appropriate for your readers. Using the configuration data and templates we ve examined so far, Planet Tool will generate an HTML, RSS, and OPML file. The HTML file will look something like the one shown in figure 11.2. Now that you understand the big picture, let s cover some of the details you ll need to know to make the most of Planet Tool.
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Person construct Some constructs involve more than one XML element. For example, Atom defines a person construct that is used to represent authors and contributors, such as the <author> element g in listing 4.3. As you can see in figure 4.5, a person construct must contain a name and may contain an email address and a URL. Just as you can extend Atom by adding new elements under <feed> and <entry>, you can do the same for a person construct.
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When more than one application is executing, there must be some means of determining whose turn it is to execute. This is generally referred to as scheduling. Scheduling involves an element in one of two states: currently executing and waiting to execute. Under modern OSs scheduling is performed on a per-thread basis. This allows a single thread to be paused and then resumed. Only one thread can be executing at a given point in time. All other threads are waiting for their turn to execute. This allows the OS to exert a high degree of control over applications by controlling the execution of their threads.
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
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The following sections describe typical situations you will encounter when constructing your programs GUI with Interface Builder. These topics will give you a taste for some of Interface Builder s most useful features. Nib files Under Mac OS X, you construct a Cocoa application s user interface using Interface Builder and store this information in one or more Nib files. Nib files come from the days of NeXT computer and stand for NeXT Interface Builder.5 Generally, a Nib file holds application interface components.
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SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER BY t0.Description, t1.Title, t1.Price Subject AS t0 INNER JOIN Book AS t1 ON t0.ID = t1.Subject (t1.Price < @p0) t0.Description, t1.Title
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You can also set properties or do other application startup in code. The Application tag specifies a handler for the Startup event (the same way you caught the event for the button click).
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Clear Memory Cache
Information Button
Copy Contents of SwitchViewController.txt
his part of the book covers techniques for managing and organizing unit tests and for ensuring that the quality of unit tests in real-world projects is high. 6 first covers the role of unit testing as part of an automated build process, and follows with several techniques for organizing the different kinds of tests according to categories (speed, type) with a goal of reaching what I call the safe green zone. It also explains how to grow a test API or test infrastructure for your application. In chapter 7, we ll take a look at the three basic pillars of good unit tests readability, maintainability, and trustworthiness and look at techniques to support them. If you only read one chapter in the book, this should be it.
Generally, monster tests replace original simpler tests, and that makes it harder to find bugs in the production code. If you must create a monster test, it should be added to and not replace existing tests.
Here, I placed an integer into $var, and then I piped $var to Gm. You can see that the shell now recognizes the contents of $var as a System.Int32, or a 32-bit integer.
When you re surfing the Web, often you ll come across a link that will take you to another web site. Because Safari is a full-function browser, you simply touch the link and you will jump to a new page.
If we wanted the order to matter, we could use a concept called ordered mocks, which are used to define the correct order in which calls and return values should be executed. You can find out more about ordered mocks on the Rhino Mocks website.
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