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Choosing the Data Store Format
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Information security in the public cloud
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Album method. The Nodes collection is cleared and the expand operation is
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Given a snapshot is a read-only view of a database at a given moment, it s ideal for reporting solutions that require data accurate as at a particular moment, such as at the end of a financial period. The major consideration for using snapshots in this manner is the potential performance impact on the source database. In addition to the copy-on-write impact, the read impact needs to be taken into account: in the absence of a snapshot, would you run reports against the source database If the requested data for reporting hasn t changed since the snapshot was taken, data requested from the snapshot will be read from the source database. A common snapshot scenario for reporting solutions is to take scheduled snapshots, for example, once a day. Given each snapshot is exposed as a new database with its own name, reporting applications should ideally be configured so that they are aware of the name change and be capable of dynamically reconnecting to the new snapshot. To assist in this process, name new snapshots consistently to enable a programmatic reconnection solution. Alternatively, synonyms (not covered in this book) can be created and updated to point to the appropriate snapshot objects. READING A DATABASE MIRROR We ll cover database mirroring in the next chapter, but one of the restrictions with the mirror copy of a database is that it can t be read. When you take a snapshot of the database mirror, you can use it for reporting purposes, but the performance impact of a snapshot may lead to an unacceptable transaction response time in a synchronous mirroring solution, a topic we ll cover in the next chapter. ROLLING BACK DATABASE CHANGES A common use for snapshots is protecting against database changes that don t go according to plan, such as a schema change as part of an application deployment that causes unexpected errors. Taking a snapshot before the change allows a quick rollback without requiring a full database backup and restore. The major issue with rolling back to a snapshot in this manner is that all data entered after the snapshot was created is lost. If there s a delay after the change and the decision to roll back, there may be an unacceptable level of data changes that can t be lost. For changes made during database downtime, when change can be verified while users aren t connected to the database, snapshots can provide an excellent means of reducing the time to deploy the change while also providing a safe rollback point. TESTING Consider a database used in a testing environment where a given set of tests needs to be performed multiple times against the same data set. Traditionally, a database backup is restored between each test to provide a repeatable baseline. If the database is very large, the restore delay may be unacceptably long. Snapshots provide an excellent solution to this type of problem.
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get-mailboxstatistics | sort desc TotalItemSize | select first 3
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This method returns the elements from a sequence while the predicate function specified is true.
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The beauty of this system is that views and controller do not spend any time or effort determining what menu items should be enabled. It s determined empirically, based on the collection of objects in the responder chain. To implement a menu command in an application that performs some function and is automatically enabled and disabled, do the following:
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A DataSet represents a collection of database tables, and in turn these tables contain the data of the entities. A DataSet stores data about business objects in a fashion similar to a database. You can use a generated-typed DataSet to ease the manipulation of data, and it s also possible to insert business logic and rules. As long as you want to manipulate data, .NET and IDEs provide most features required to work with a DataSet. But as soon as you think about business objects as objects in the sense of object-oriented design, you can hardly be satisfied by a DataSet (typed or not). After all, business objects represent real-world elements, and these elements have data and behavior. They may be linked by advanced relationships like inheritance, but this isn t possible with DataSets. This level of freedom in the design of entities can be achieved only by hand coding them.
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struct Rect { public int public int public int public int
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DiskDiff: More Sophistication
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Listing 4-1. Initial Version of ScrapWordsController Interface @interface ScrapWordsController : NSObject { NSString *letters; NSMutableArray *words; NSArrayController *wordsController; } @property (assign) NSString *letters; @property (assign) IBOutlet NSArrayController *wordsController; - (void)removeWords; - (void)foundWord:(NSString*)word; @end
Retrieving objects efficiently
defined by this collection. In particular, this problem makes cascade saves (discussed later in this chapter) useless for sets. We strongly discourage this solution (database identifier equality). You could fix this problem by assigning an identifier yourself at the creation of the entities and using versioning to distinguish transient and detached instances.
The following sample demonstrates the first two scenarios: //base - a nongeneric class public class BaseClass { } //first tier - a derived generic class public class DerivedGenericClass<T>: BaseClass {} //second tier - a derived generic class and a derived nongeneric class public class DerivedClass: DerivedGenericClass<int> {} public class SecondDerivedGenericClass <T>: DerivedGenericClass<T> { } The following sample shows the third scenario. If the constraint isn t included in the derived generic class, it isn t legal. //constraints repeated in derived generic class public class GenericBase<T> where T : new() {} public class GenericDerived<T> : GenericBase<T> where T : new() { } Finally, the following code shows the fourth scenario where a nongeneric type is derived from a generic type in two inheritance steps: public public public public class class class class Dictionary<T, K> { } StringDictionary<K> : Dictionary<string, K> { } StringToIntDictionary: StringDictionary<int> { } StringToDoubleDictionary : Dictionary<string, double> { }
property of this button is bound to the isStarted property of the game object. Before the game begins, while isStarted is NO, the button is disabled. As soon as the game starts, the button becomes enabled. There s no code in the game object to enable or disable the button, and the button doesn t know anything about the Tic Tac Toe game. The enabled property of the view is simply bound to an observable BOOL property of another object; no additional programming is required. If you need to create a binding programmatically say, for a view object you created programmatically send a -bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options: message to a Bindings-compliant observer. If you are creating custom view objects to display custom data, it s more expedient to create an informal binding between the view and data model objects. This is just a fancy way of saying, roll your own MVC communications. Your custom view should implement the fundamental MVC communications using Objective-C messages, notifications, and observing. The view should use direct knowledge about the controller and data model, rather than trying to create an abstract, reusable view class that communicates through bindings. In the TicTacToe project, the ChalkboardView object is a good example. It displays a Tic Tac Toe game and sends move actions to its controller when the user clicks on the board. The object knows it is connected to a TTTDocument controller and it explicitly observes changes to its game property. The object conforms to the MVC design pattern, but isn t abstracted beyond its purpose.
Everyone has an intuitive understanding of the difference between true and false. I think we d all agree that the statement
After you clicked the last text field element, choose Set Value of Selected Element from the AppleScript pop-up menu. This will give you a line of code similar to the following: set value of text field 1 of drawer 1 of window "file name.pdf" to "<string>" Copy this line into your script, but since you will work more with this text field, let s separate it and give it its own tell block, like this: tell window "file name.pdf" set value of text field 1 of drawer 1 to "iPod" end tell Notice that I also switched the search string to a word I knew existed. Now, you need to click the Search button. In the UI, the Search button resides inside the text field and therefore will appear in UI Browser in the browser column to the right of the text field, as shown in Figure 20-7.
High availability with database mirroring
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Listing 14.3 Setting the Blocked Process Threshold
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