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But the value stored in the object is still a [datetime] object, not a string. As such, we can get the dayofweek property out of the description property.
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while loops provide a way to conditionally run a path zero or more times. That is, if the loop expression equates to false when it is first evaluated, then the path will not run at all. Now what if you want to make sure the path runs at least one time For this circumstance, you would write a do while loop. The syntax for do while is as follows: do path while (expression); As you might guess by now, path can be either a single child statement or a block, and the value of expression is converted to a boolean if necessary by passing it to Boolean(). Though it is easy to overlook, the semicolon following the expression in parentheses is required. With those things in mind, click Clear in both Firebug panels, and let s try a do while loop. More often than not, when it comes time to follow a recipe, there is a spice that if unavailable would put the kaibosh on my plans. Say I want to make lemon scones; the limiting ingredient would be, oddly enough, lemon peel. Being a foodie, it is safe to assume I have at least one spice. Therefore, it makes sense to rummage through the spice shelf with a do while loop like so, because we want to check at least one spice: var spices = [ "cinnamon", "ginger", "nutmeg", "cloves", "sesame seed", "pepper", "rosemary", "tarragon", "basil", "mace", "poppy seed", "lemon peel", "vanilla", "oregano", "allspice", "thyme" ]; var putTheKaiboshOn = true; var i = 0; do { if (spices[i] === "lemon peel") { putTheKaiboshOn = false; break; } i ++; } while (i < spices.length); (putTheKaiboshOn) "No can do!" : "Go right ahead!"; // "Go right ahead!" Verify your work with Figure 4 11.
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RS allows you to use built-in functions that include your basic standard aggregates as well as some RS-specific functions. RowNumber is an example of an RS-specific function. RS does not limit your use of expressions to setting values of textbox report items. Instead, by using expressions you can manipulate programmatically just about any property of a report item and region. In this section, we cover all aspects of using
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RSReportServer.config 181, 431,
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CHAPTER 23: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
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Creating a String Literal
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Note Design time is when you develop your application in the IDE,
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private void GoFullScreen_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true; }
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The declaration of setBounds: is exactly the same as the one for setFillColor:, except that the type of the argument is ShapeRect rather than ShapeColor. The last line tells the compiler we re finished with the declaration of the Circle class:
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If you use a single repository, all of your projects will be contained as folders within that repository. This makes management easier at a high level because you only have to go through the process of setting up a repository once. From then on whenever you start a new software project you just import it into your repository. However, the singlerepository approach has its drawbacks too, the main one being that Subversion does atomic commits. This means that when you change any file in any project, Subversion creates a new revision of the whole repository. Suppose you are working in a team environment with, say, 5 developers working across 20 software projects in one repository. You make a change to one file in one project and then check in your work. This causes a new revision to be created for the entire repository, with the result that the next time one of your developers makes a change to her code and commits it, she may see quite a jump in the revision number. This doesn t actually interfere with the developers work, but it does mean that it is likely there will be many revision numbers, and also that revision numbers for any given file may not be sequential. A second disadvantage of a single repository is that everyone in the team is able to take a working copy of every project, with the corresponding risk of someone making changes to the wrong project. Although the revision mechanism will help to sort out any such problems, it s a risk that you can avoid by having separate repositories.
__MyCompanyName__ placeholder. You need to drop down into Terminal to change it.
Figure 4 5. Naming the new scene and making sure it s added to the appropriate target(s)
As with basic types, classes can have standard conversions that occur either before or after the user-defined conversion, or even before and after. The only standard conversions that deal with classes, however, are conversions to a base or derived class, so those are the only ones covered in this section. Implicit conversions are pretty simple; the conversion occurs in three steps: 1. A conversion from a derived class to the source class of the user-defined conversion is optionally performed. 2. The user-defined conversion occurs. 3. A conversion from the destination class of the user-defined conversion to a base class is optionally performed. To illustrate this, you can modify the example to use classes rather than structs and add a new class that derives from RomanNumeral: using System; using System.Text; class RomanNumeral { public RomanNumeral(short value) { if (value > 5000) throw(new ArgumentOutOfRangeException()); this.value = value; }
Installing SQL Server Reporting Services (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/ library/ms143736.aspx) This article provides an overview of installing and configuring Reporting Services.
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