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a. Convert the Tag property for the node to a string. b. See if this string has an album file extension. c. If not, simply return. 7 8 Clear the existing contents of the node. Open the corresponding PhotoAlbum object for this node.
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At this point, the lower of the two new menu items should be selected. Double-click to select the title text, and rename it Turbo Off. Ctrl-drag from it to the MenuLab_AppDelegate icon in the main window, and connect to the toggleTurbo: action. Now bring up the Bindings Inspector, and configure the menu item s Enabled binding, connecting to MenuLab_AppDelegate using the turbo key path. This ensures that the menu will only be enabled if the value of app delegate s turbo property is YES. Now go back to the upper menu item, renaming it Turbo On, and connecting it to the app delegate s toggleTurbo: action just like you did for Turbo Off. Because the condition for whether this menu item should be enabled or disabled is the opposite of the condition for the Turbo Off menu item, the binding is going to be a little different. It should also have its Enabled binding configured with MenuLab_AppDelegate and the turbo key path, but below that you also need to specify NSNegateBoolean as the Value Transformer. Save your changes, go back to Xcode, and Build & Run. You should see the Turbo Switch window appear, containing a checkbox. Your app should have a Tools menu containing Turbo On and Turbo Off items, only one of which should be enabled at a time, and clicking the enabled item should toggle the checkbox and change the state of both menu items, so that now only the other item is enabled. Also, clicking the checkbox should affect the enabled/disabled state of each menu item appropriately.
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Executing the foreach statement also defines a special variable for the duration of the loop. This is the $foreach variable and it s bound to the loop enumerator. (The foreach statement keeps track of where it is in the collection through the loop enumerator.) By manipulating the loop enumerator, you can skip forward in the loop. Here s an example:
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Listing 7.1 Definition of the Entry structure used to populate the queue (VB.NET)
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iBooks & E-Books Ch. 8
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If we have a stored procedure selecting a set of rows, we can use the same technique to produce a method, calling that stored procedure and returning a collection of objects:
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Development kick-start
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Upgrading MOM 2005 to SP1
The Machine class is discussed in chapter 4, Working with ADO.NET and databases.
Figure 6. Basic touch-screen gestures.
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