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If you haven t done so already, quit structSize, and take a minute to look over the source code in main.c. Once you feel comfortable with it, read on. main.c starts off with our standard #include along with a brand-new one:
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Exploring Methods
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Your iPad as a Video Player
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Secondary legroup (default) Secondary file 1 (.ndf) Secondary file n (.ndf) User objects only
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Figure 3 Entering a start time and day for the task
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Figure 17.15 The UI using the new EmployeePresentationModel class. Note how you have fields from the contact object now available to the UI.
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Automating Windows with COM The first group of examples will be to work with and automate the basic elements of Windows itself. We ll start with automating Windows Explorer, then look at activating a control panel applet, and finally look at automating an application by sending keystrokes to it. Example: "Exploring" with the Shell.Application class First we ll work with Windows Explorer (you know that other Windows shell the GUI one). The Explorer application exports an automation model that lets you automate some tasks from a script. Automation model means that there is a COM object interface that lets an external program manipulate some aspects of an application. For the GUI Shell, this is done through the Shell.Application object. Let s explore what this can do. First we create an instance of the object:
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Generic dictionaries implement IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>>. The KeyValuePair structure holds the typed Key and Value properties. Listing 4.5 shows how we can query a dictionary of strings indexed by integers.
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In several instances in table 12.9, I wrote that a property is typically used as something or other. The DisplayAttribute simply contains data; it doesn t provide behavior or any enforcement of proper use. It s up to the consuming control typically a DataGrid, DataForm or a third-party control to decide how that data will be used. In addition to the DisplayAttribute and its properties, one final important attribute-based setting you have as a developer is the ability to mark individual properties as editable or read only.
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Using help to find commands
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When you re done, just click elsewhere in the source editing window, and you ll get out of Edit all in Scope mode. Sometimes, you ll go to make a change like this and find the Edit all in Scope menu item disabled. This feature is tied closely to the syntax coloring in Xcode, so if you have that feature turned off or have twiddled with it a lot, Edit all in Scope may refuse to work. To fix it, go back to the preferences and twiddle with syntax coloring again until it works there s a bit of voodoo involved. Recall our use of the term refactoring in previous chapters It s not just a word we made up to sound really smart. Xcode has some refactoring tools built in. One of the refactoring helpers lets you easily rename a class. Not only does it rename the class but it does fancy things like renaming the source files to match. And if you have a GUI program, it even digs into the nib files and changes things there. (Don t worry if that last sentence is total gibberish to you right now. It s a really cool feature, and we ll explain more about nib files in 14.) Let s try changing all of our Car classes to Automobile ones. Open Car.h in the editor, and put your insertion point in the word Car. Choose Edit Refactor. You ll see a dialog like the one shown in Figure 7-12, where we ve entered Automobile as the replacement for Car.
Initialize variables
Listing 15.12 Filling a rectangle using a gradient brush to produce a progress bar (VB.NET)
Physics engines are what drive popular iOS games like Angry Birds, Stick Golf, Jelly Car, and Stair Dismount. They allow you to create a world that feels more dynamic and lifelike. Cocos2d is distributed with two physics engines: Box2D and Chipmunk. Both are designed to work only in two dimensions, so they re a perfect fit for cocos2d. In this chapter, you ll learn the basics of both physics engines, and along the way you ll probably come to appreciate one more than the other. I ll briefly explain the differences between the two physics engines, but for the most part it s a choice based on personal preference. If you ve never worked with a physics engine before, I ll also give you a quick introduction to their basic concepts and key elements.
Highlight the public key token
GoodReader displays an IP Address.
Consumer Connections n/a User Tasks Shows tasks assigned to the user Assembly Class Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
Changing the View in the iPod App
If an entry has more than one phone number, you will need to select one of them as your favorite entry.
One reason you may want to capture at a high resolution is to support the capturing of still images. The Silverlight webcam API allows you to use the webcam as a simple still image camera, returning individual images as WriteableBitmap instances.
In Java, we ll use a Map interface to represent the hashtable and a List to represent the array. In C#, we ll use an IDictionary for the hashtable and an IList for the array. We know how our parser will return newsfeed data, and we ve defined the interface to be used by calling code, so we re ready to write the code for AnyFeedParser.java.
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