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Creator QR Code in Objective-C 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes

The User Interface Editor
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CHAPTER 8: Variable Data Types
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Page functions
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CHAPTER 10: Using Your iPhone as a Phone
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Note To export only the containers (for example, the Resource Galleries, but not the
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HKCR { DennisATLObject.DennisAdd.1 = s 'DennisAdd Class' { CLSID = s '{405592A3-B5A3-4784-8497-B5719D5D1C58}' } DennisATLObject.DennisAdd = s 'DennisAdd Class' { CLSID = s '{405592A3-B5A3-4784-8497-B5719D5D1C58}' CurVer = s 'DennisATLObject.DennisAdd.1' } NoRemove CLSID { ForceRemove {405592A3-B5A3-4784-8497-B5719D5D1C58} = s 'DennisAdd Class' { ProgID = s 'DennisATLObject.DennisAdd.1' VersionIndependentProgID = s 'DennisATLObject.DennisAdd' ForceRemove 'Programmable' InprocServer32 = s '%MODULE%'
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Binding to ADO.NET database objects
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CHAPTER 16: Concurrency
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Any newly instantiated Bid becomes persistent if the Bid is referenced by a persistent Item (as is also the case with cascade="save-update"). Any persistent Bid should be deleted if it s referenced by an Item when the item is deleted. Any persistent Bid should be deleted if it s removed from the bids collection of a persistent Item. (NHibernate will assume that it was only referenced by this item and consider it an orphan.)
The introspection functions for instance variables follows the same pattern as those for methods, protocols, and properties. There are functions, listed in Table 10-9, to obtain a list of Ivar structures that describe all instance variables defined by a class, or just one. The functions ivar_getName, ivar_getOffset, ivar_getTypeEncoding will reveal the name, byte offset within the object s structure, and type of each Ivar but these latter two should not generally be used to access the variable. To get or set an instance variable, call object_getIvar(id,Ivar) or object_setIvar(id,Ivar,id). The value returned or passed is an object that is converted, as needed, to the actual type of the variable (a.k.a. auto-boxing). Key-Value Coding is implemented using these low-level instance variable introspection functions. If you need to programmatically get or set the value of instance variables, you might find it easier to use the higher-level KVC methods. Listing 10-8 demonstrates setting the name instance variable to the string @"Hugh" via introspection, and is equivalent to the statement object->name = @"Hugh".
notice that the CD has appeared under the DEVICES list in the left column (see Figure 26 42).
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