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CHAPTER 21: iPhone Photography
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Former Life As a Developer: IdeaSwarm, Inc. 1 year. Owner Developer of the WhatNext task management iPhone application and the AppViz iPhone Sales tracking application for the Mac. Tech: Objective-c, Core Data, SQLite Adobe Systems, Computer Scientist (consultant), 1 year, 1 month Developed task management tools, build tools, and did installer work for the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom project. Tech: Java, Ruby on Rails, SQL, InstallShield, Build Forge, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Perl Adobe Systems, Whitebox QE (consultant), 4 months Whitebox QE for the LiveCycle Java platform. Tech: Java, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Apache Web Server, load balancing, JMS, United Health Group, Developer (consultant), 4 months Developed the http://www.urnparentsteps.com/ application with a small team. Tech: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, HTML/CSS Fidelity National Financial, consultant, 10 months Worked on the Touchpoint Sales and Service application for banks. Tech: XML, Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS Value Vision Media, Java Programmer, 1 year 3 months
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of a specified type and associates it with a target object and a method to invoke.
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Viewing an Individual Message
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Figure 2.12 The Visual Studio XAML editor. We ve labeled a few of the more interesting elements.
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label.text = @"Hello World, I'm back!";
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Figure 2.5 A TextBlock with font styles. Doing this in Windows Forms is really hard.
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The -encoding parameter is used to set how the files will be written. In this example, the files are written using ASCII encoding. Now let s rerun the cmd.exe copy example that didn t work earlier.
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Figure 10.1 The RSS Web Part has a button that makes a partial update of the page, refreshing only the contents of the specific Web Part.
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Exit should be called as soon as possible after Pulse and PulseAll because in order for a thread to exit the WaitSleepJoin state it must reacquire a lock on the object that it was waiting on. If the thread that calls Pulse does not release that lock, the thread will not be allowed to exit the WaitSleepJoin state.
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The availability of a system is often measured in 9s, which describes the percent value of availability. Three 9s refers to 99.9% availability, and five 9s refers to 99.999% availability truly a high bar for reliability.
Advanced User Interaction
This time we use the <codeBase/> tag to specify that version of the Person assembly can be downloaded at http://localhost/deploy/person.dll, if it is not already on the machine. The program should run with the new configuration file as normal. To satisfy yourself that the assembly has been downloaded, take a look at the assembly download cache, as shown in figure 2.14. Depending on your installation, you ll find it at C:\WINNT\Assembly\Download. Alternatively use gacutil.exe with the /ldl option to list the contents of the download cache.
Figure 18 5. Buttons and actions available while viewing an email message.
Figure 15.5 This figure displays a horizontal splitter between a tree view and list view control (not our approach).
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