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Custom error handling
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Notice that you were able to identify the desired office using two methods: by its position and by its name. Locating objects in order to script them is the first order of the day. Scriptable applications use a similar method of addressing their objects: the Finder has disks that can contain files and folders. Folders can have files or more folders. In InDesign, you have a document that contains pages. The pages may contain, among other things, text frames that can contain words and characters. In FileMaker Pro, you have a database that can have tables with fields and records. Addressing the objects in these applications is also similar to the building example: in the Finder you can refer to the file report.txt in the third folder of the disk Server; in InDesign you can refer to the fifth text frame on page 2 of the document Annual Report.indd, and in FileMaker Pro you can talk to cell Last Name of record 5 of table Contact of database 1. All are different types of objects, but the way each object model works is pretty much the same. On top of addressing, each object in an application has three other sides to it. An object consists of the DNA of a specific class; an object can have properties that describe the object such as size, name, and so on; and an object can have elements. Elements are the objects that the object in question contains. In scripting dictionaries, classes (object definitions) are listed separately from commands, and they are also structured a bit differently. Every class shows a little description followed by the list of other classes that may be elements (see the Elements section later in this chapter). The list of elements is followed by a list of properties.
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Figure 14 5. Preparing the window
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21.1 Turning a reusable tool into a full-fledged cmdlet
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IDataErrorInfo is a synchronous operation validation approach. Though you can
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Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableRedrawRegions = true;
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The use of StaticResource means that the value for the brush will be retrieved once and then used from that point forward. When the XAML is read, the system immediately retrieves the value for myBrush, sets the border appropriately, and then forgets about it. If we change static to dynamic, we get different behavior:
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One of the reasons I like PowerShell so much is that it enables me to be a more effective administrator without having to write complex scripts, like I used to have to do in VBScript. But the key to powerful one-line commands lies in the way the PowerShell pipeline works. Let me be clear: you could skip this chapter and still be effective with PowerShell, but you would in most cases have to resort to VBScript-style scripts and programs. Although PowerShell s pipeline capabilities can be complicated, they re probably easier to learn than more-complicated programming skills, and by learning to really manipulate the pipeline, you can be much more effective without needing to write scripts. The whole idea here is to get the shell to do more of your work for you, with as little typing as possible. I think you ll be surprised at how well the shell can do that!
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int i = 12; string s = "abc" string[] names = new string[] {"LINQ", "In", "Action"}
When observing changes to a property that s a primitive value or object pointer, the change kind is always NSKeyValueChangeSetting and the dictionary may optionally include the old and new values. When the observed property is a to-many object property, the change information is a little more complex. A change is described as either an insertion, a removal, or a replacement of one or more objects in the collection. The NSKeyValueChangeIndexesKey value lists the indexes in the collection that were affected by the change. The NSKeyValueChangeNewKey and NSKeyValueChangeOldKey values contain a compact array of the objects inserted, removed, or replaced (as appropriate) at the corresponding indexes in the NSKeyValueChangeIndexesKey set. For example, if two objects were removed from a property at indexes 3 and 5, the NSKeyValueChangeIndexesKey would contain the set { 3, 5 }, the NSKeyValueChangeOldKey would contain the object removed at index 3 at index 0 and the object removed at index 5 at index 1, and the NSKeyValueChangeNewKey value would be empty, since no new objects were added.
NSColor *haveTheBlues = [NSColor blueColor];
Figure 3-3. A circle and its class
If a thing is worth doing, it s worth overdoing. One thing that we don t like about the glow on our button is the speed it starts to glow a glow should spread, not suddenly be there. You d think that light traveled at the speed of, well, Figure 8.8 Button gets brighter when uh we just think it would look better. it s clicked. So far, with all our event triggers, we have set a property to a different value and relied on the handlers to automatically set it back when we left. But we can also launch an animation when the trigger is fired.
The page that will represent the dialog is built as an application page, which means that it s stored in the _Layouts folder. Add the page by right-clicking and selecting Add > New Item on the DynRSSWebPart folder that you created in the Layouts mapped folder. Then choose the Application Page item type and name it DynRSSDialog.aspx. The page will contain a text box for the feed URL and a button that saves and closes the dialog, as shown in figure 10.4.
Table 10.4
At this point, if you haven t already done so, you should remove attributes that don t depend on the candidate key or that transitively depend on the primary key. You ll have noticed that I already did so. Not moving these attributes to their own tables now will make this step unnecessarily complex. The key to reducing the number of possible combinations is to observe that at this point, you can only have three kinds of attributes in the table: a single-attribute candidate key (or more in the case of a mutual dependency), one or more attributes that depend on the candidate key, and one or more attributes that don t depend on the candidate key, or on any other attribute (as we tested all single-attribute dependencies). Because we already moved attributes that depend on an attribute other than the candidate key, these are the only three kinds of attributes we have to deal with. And that means that there are six possible kinds of combinations to consider: a candidate key and a dependent attribute; a candidate key and an independent attribute; a dependent attribute and an independent attribute; two independent attributes; two dependent attributes; or two candidate keys. Because alternate keys always have a mutual dependency, the last category is a special case of the one before it, so I won t cover it explicitly. Each of the remaining five possibilities will be covered below.
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