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CHAPTER 7: Smart In-Application E-mail with Core Data and Three20
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Tap any ringtone to listen to it and select it.
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Exercise: employing RevertToSelf authentication
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Figure 5.6 Use an expression to conditionally format the visibility of the txtExceededGoal textbox.
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Listing 2-15. C Functi on
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Figure 8-6. The sample application detecting itself and an iPhone Simulator on the network
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instanceHash[key] = Delegate.Remove((Delegate) instanceHash[key], myDelegate); } } public static Delegate Fetch(object instance, object key) { Hashtable instanceHash = dc.GetInstanceHash(instance); return((Delegate) instanceHash[key]); } public static void ClearDelegates(object instance) { dc.delegateStore.Remove(instance); } } public class Button { public void TearDown() { DelegateCache.ClearDelegates(this); }
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(gdb) po $eax *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (2147483647( or possibly larger)) beyond bounds (3) (gdb) po [$eax name] NSRangeException
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Note that this doesn t show you all of the members on an [int]. It only shows you the instance members. You can also use Get-Member to look at the static members:
Yep, piping $number to Gm confirms that the shell sees it as a System.String, not a System.Int32. There are a couple of ways that we could choose to deal with this problem, and the easiest for me is the one we ll use right now. I m going to tell the shell that the $number variable should contain an integer, which will force the shell to try to convert any input to an actual number. I do that by specifying the desired data type, int, in square brackets immediately prior to the variable s first use:
Backing up a database to multiple files can lead to a significant reduction in backup time, particularly for large databases. When you use the T-SQL BACKUP DATABASE command, the DISK = clause can be repeated multiple times (separated by commas), once for each backup file, as per this example: BACKUP DATABASE [ADVENTUREWORKS2008] TO DISK = G:\SQL BACKUP\ADVENTUREWORKS_1.BAK , DISK = G:\SQL BACKUP\ADVENTUREWORKS_2.BAK , DISK = G:\SQL BACKUP\ADVENTUREWORKS_3.BAK
suited to parsing or generating extremely large newsfeeds.
The if statement in the middle of the function should come as no surprise. It just compares yesNo to the constant NO, and returns @"NO" if they match. Otherwise, yesNo must be a true value, so it returns @"YES". Notice that the return type of boolString() is a pointer to an NSString. This means the function returns one of the fancy Cocoa strings that you saw earlier when you first met NSLog(). If you look at the return statements, you ll see the at sign in front of the returned values, a dead giveaway that they re NSString values.
In the toolbar s Properties window, click the button associated with the Buttons item. 3 Click the Add button three times to create three new ToolBarButton objects.
Maximum Pool Size The maximum number of objects that COM+ will create in memory. Creation Timeout The number of milliseconds that are allowed to elapse before a request times out; if your object request times out, then an error is returned. Selecting the Enable Object Construction option allows your components to read properties that are stored inside the construction string property, which is external to your component s source code. You configure and enable this option when you register your component inside COM+; however, you can always disable it. We discuss this option in greater detail in section 6.4.5. In the Activation Context section, you specify how your component will choose a method for its activation context. The possible values for this setting are: Don t Force Activation Context Must Be Activated In The Callers Context Must Be Activated In The Default Context The Concurrency tab (figure 6.22) is used to set up synchronization of your component. In COM+, services can be shared between components, which prohibits more than one caller from entering the component at any given time. Synchronization determines which threads can make calls to your components. The possible values for synchronization are: Disabled Not Supported
#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> //This is to bring in the declaration of strlen() int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { char name[ 50 ]; int nameLength; printf( "Type your first name, please: " );
s Note If the agent cannot contact the MOM server, the agent will not appear to be in
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