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An array of doubles specifying a list of 3-D vertex points in WCS coordinates. It s a simple array with a single dimension composed of alternating X, Y, and Z values (i.e., p1x, p1y, p1z, p2x, p2y, p2z, etc.). Because you must supply at least two points to create a polyline, this array must have a minimum of six elements.
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CHAPTER 9: Particle Effects
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Only return the first matching object
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Figure 7 5. Setting options in Pandora
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There are a number of controls that require one or more images in order to display their contents. Often, the requirement is for a set of images, rather than a single image. For example, the set of toolbar buttons in a ToolBar object, or the images required for a set of Button controls on a form. The Windows Forms namespace provides the ImageList class for managing such collections of images. As we shall see in chapters 14 and 15, this class is also utilized by the ListView and TreeView controls. This section examines the ImageList class in some detail, and creates a set of images for use in the toolbar we created in the previous section.
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Creates new monitored scope
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Color newColor = Color.FromRgb(R, G, B); return newColor; }
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Listing 2.3 Retrieving Employees
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Listin g 5-2. Subprotocol
Open firebug.html in Firefox, and then press F12 to enable Firebug. If you re just joining us, flip back to the preface for details on how to do this. In 1, we explored the + (addition), - (subtraction), * (multiplication), and / (division) operators, noting that + adds numbers but glues strings. Moreover, we explored how to save a value to a variable with the = (assignment) operator. In the event that the left operand to +, -, *, or / is a variable, member, element, or parameter, you may replace the = operator and +, -, *, or / operator with a +=, -=, *=, or /= shortcut operator. Those do the math and assignment operations in one fell swoop. In Firebug, let s create the following dough object so that we have some values to explore +=, -=, *=, and /= with. var dough = { pastryFlour: [1 + 3/4, "cup"], almondFlour: [1/3, "cup"], saigonCinnamon: [1, "tsp"], mincedLemonZest: [2, "tsp"], seaSalt: [1/4, "tsp"], soda: [1, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], pourableVanillaYogurt: [1, "cup"], egg: [1], wildBlueberries: [1 + 1/4, "cup"] }; Say I want to triple the recipe. To do so, we could pass each element and 3 to the *= operator like so in Firebug. Then query the new values of a couple of elements, verifying your work with Figure 3 1: var dough = { pastryFlour: [1 + 3/4, "cup"], almondFlour: [1/3, "cup"], saigonCinnamon: [1, "tsp"], mincedLemonZest: [2, "tsp"], seaSalt: [1/4, "tsp"], soda: [1, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], pourableVanillaYogurt: [1, "cup"], egg: [1], wildBlueberries: [1 + 1/4, "cup"] }; dough.pastryFlour[0] *= 3; dough.almondFlour[0] *= 3; dough.saigonCinnamon[0] *= 3; dough.mincedLemonZest[0] *= 3; dough.seaSalt[0] *= 3; dough.soda[0] *= 3; dough.tartar[0] *= 3;
Then and now: setting up shop as startup ca. 2000 vs. startup ca. 2010
strActiveProfile " MyBackupProfile" strMyProfile, "C:\MYPROFILE.ARG ",True = strMyProfile "MyBackupProfile"
State of the Art Compiler
URL access and the flexibility offered by the RS Web service. Here are some of the
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