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The Site Manager is the tool used by administrators to manage the publication environment. With it you can create and manage rights groups and channels. As authors create pages to put in the various channel containers, the administrator approves them to be viewed on the live site. The administrator also provides resource containers to make media resources available to authors in their pages.
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You will see an iPhone Software Update screen. Click Next > to continue (Figure 29-13).
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Figure 15.6 The Silverlight navigation application with a new style. The Cosmopolitan style is similar to the Metro theme used by Zune software.
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Table 5.2 The values of SpecialFolder currently supported in Silverlight Description The My Computer folder Note: The MyComputer constant always contains the empty string ("") because no path is defined for the My Computer folder. Example: "" The My Music folder Example: C:\Users\Pete.Brown\Music The My Pictures folder Example: C:\Users\Pete.Brown\Pictures The My Videos folder Example: C:\Users\Pete.Brown\Videos The directory that serves as a common repository for documents This is the same as MyDocuments. The My Documents folder Example: C:\Users\Pete.Brown\Documents
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cake.dough.organicPastryFlour[0] <= cake.dough.shreddedGrannySmith[0]; // true cake.dough.choppedPecans[0] >= cake.dough.pureMapleSyrup[0]; // true
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In the Search For A Location mode, shown in Figure 9 5, you can find locations by address or by keyword. For example, search for coffee to see every cafe near you. When you find what you re looking for, tap the phone number to call (on the iPhone), tap the web address to open the website in Safari, or add it to Contacts for future reference.
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public abstract class BaseNode { public abstract long Size { get; } public abstract string Name { get; } public abstract string FullName {get; } public abstract string NameSize { get; } public abstract bool FlagRed { get; } public abstract bool EnableDeleteContents { get; } public abstract bool EnableViewInNotepad { get; } } Modify the FileNode and DirectoryNode classes to override these properties. This reduces the code in the handler from 18 lines to only 4: protected void treeContextMenu_Popup (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { BaseNode baseNode = ((MyTreeNode)treeView1.SelectedNode).Node; treeContextMenu.MenuItems[menuIndexFilename].Text = baseNode.Name; treeContextMenu.MenuItems[menuIndexDeleteContents].Enabled = baseNode.EnableDeleteContents; treeContextMenu.MenuItems[menuIndexViewInNotepad].Enabled = baseNode.EnableViewInNotepad; }
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PS (3) > new-item function:foo -value {"Hi!"} New-Item : The item at path 'foo' already exists. At line:1 char:9 + new-item <<<< function:foo -value {"Hi!"}
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only .NET-based applications. Because you can access RS through the two most popular web protocols, HTTP-GET and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), any webcapable application can be integrated with RS, regardless of the targeted platform and development language. You see both of these protocols in action in chapter 10.
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Acquiring a Writer Lock
protected void OnPrint(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { PrintDialog printDialog = new PrintDialog(); bool print = printDialog.ShowDialog(); if (print == true) { FlowDocument docCopy = CopyFlowDocument(searchResults.Document);
Arguments are called positional parameters because they are always associated with a parameter name. However, it s permitted to leave the name out and the interpreter will figure out what parameter it is from its position on the command line. For example, in the dir command, the -path parameter is a positional parameter whose position is zero. Therefore the command
Listing 19.6 Transforming the content to fit on the printed page
Cached composition enables branches of the visual tree to be stored in bitmap form after the first rendering. (For the web programmers reading this, understand that the cache is a local in-memory cache on the client.) This bitmap is then used on subsequent frames until the elements change. For complex subtrees, cached composition can realize huge performance benefits. Figure 6.4 helps visualize how cached composition works.
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