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Objective-C provides the NSNull class as an object placeholder for nil values. This provides an object that can be stored in collections, archived (serialized), or otherwise used to represent nothing where nil is unacceptable. The method +[NSNull nil] returns the singleton instance of NSNull created by the Objective-C runtime. The single NSNull object is immutable and immortal. Listing 8-4 demonstrates a simple technique for writing a method that accepts an object, an instance of NSNull, or nil treating the last two equally.
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Seven chapters in and no scripts Okay fine here you go:
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CHAPTER 18: iWork: Productivity on Your iPad
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Acquire a lock on the waiting object using the Enter method. Invoke Wait with an optional timeout. Release the lock using the Exit method. Acquire a lock on the waiting object using the Enter method. Invoke the Pulse method. Release the lock using the Exit method.
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2.7 Security issues
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Look and feel of Web Parts
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To view your photo albums, click the Gallery icon. To create a new album, click the + in the lower left corner.
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Figure 3-25. The data as text in BBEdit; the little gray triangles represent tabs and the line with the 90 angle indicates the return character. This script will read the file, loop through the records (paragraphs), and display a little dialog box with a message saying something like Jane, 29 years old, can be reached at 401-837-1123 at home in Providence. The first task is to identify the file and read its contents. The result will be a string variable that will contain the entire text contents of the file. You have a few ways to identify the file you want. It can be in a folder that the script is aware of, or the file can be dropped on a script droplet. What you ll do here is let the user choose the file and process it from there. The command choose file is perfect for that. It s simple to use, and it returns an alias value, which is used by AppleScript to identify a file, folder, or hard disk. In this case it ll identify the tabdelimited text file. A variety of scripting additions and applications use alias values, and although they may look like strings with funny words tacked on their front, they really are values in their own right, just like integers, strings, lists, and so on. Their main characteristic is that, once you create them, they keep track of the same file (or folder) even if you rename that file (or folder) or move it to another location on the same disk. You can also coerce aliases to strings, and vice versa. For example, if you have an alias to a folder, a string containing the name of a file in that folder and an application that wants an alias to that file, you can coerce the folder alias to a string, join the strings, and coerce the result to a new alias value. Other times you might want to keep them as strings: some applications require path strings instead of alias values, and they have other uses too. Figure 3-26 shows what a path string, a file value (another kind of AppleScript value that identifies things in the file system), and an alias value look like compared to one another.
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Listin g 12-13. Generating a Property List
Web Part properties
When you declare a variable, the compiler reserves a section of memory for the exclusive use of that variable. When you assign a value to a variable, you are actually modifying the variable s dedicated memory to reflect that value. The number of bytes assigned to a variable is determined by the variable s type. You should check your compiler s documentation to see how many bytes go along with each of the standard C types. The Xcode compiler assigns 4 bytes to each int. Later in the book, in 8, we ll write a program that explores the size of a variety of C data types.
Listing 13.1 Cross Poster configuration file CrossPoster.config.xml
The RotateTransform is responsible for rotating an object clockwise around a specified point by a specified angle. This rotation affects the local coordinate system of the rotated object. If you need to rotate an object in place, you need to specify the center point as the center of the object being rotated. Listing 6.10 shows a basic square rotated clockwise by 30 degrees. The dashed version represents the original square before the transform was applied.
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