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IBOutlet UITextView *messageTextView; IBOutlet UILabel*deviceTokenField; IBOutlet UITextField *usernameField; -(IBAction)handleSendButton:(id)sender;
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[tire release];
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synchronized int getTag( ) { return (tag); } synchronized void setTag( int tag ) { this.tag = tag; } public synchronized String getFirstName() { return firstName; } public synchronized void setFirstName( String firstName ) { this.firstName = firstName; } public synchronized String getLastName() { return secondName; } public synchronized void setLastName( String lastName ) { secondName = lastName; } public synchronized boolean isAdult() { return adult; } public synchronized void setAdult( boolean adult ) { this.adult = adult; } public String getFullName( ) { return (firstName+" "+secondName); } }
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Making All the Connections
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Table 2.3 Steps in the parameter binding process Description Find all unquoted tokens on the command line that start with a dash. If the token ends with a : then an argument is required. If there is no : then look at the type of the parameter and see if an argument is required. Convert the type of actual argument to the type required by the parameter and bind the parameter. If there are any arguments on the command line that haven t been used, look for unbound parameters that take positional parameters and try to bind them. If the command is not the first command in the pipeline and there are still unbound parameters that take pipeline input, try to bind to a parameter that matches the type exactly.
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CHAPTER 15: Packaging and Distribution
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Listing 13.5 Custom template for ConditionalGroupBox
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Figure 9.5 Organization information
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So far we ve covered the full range of text-searching features available in T-SQL, and we ve been able to perform many text-oriented queries. If it s impractical to build a thesaurus of misspellings and proper spellings, we have to use a more generic routine. Let s get to the core of this chapter and take a closer look at one answer to this problem.
There are two different WPRESOURCES directories: _WPRESOURCES and WPRESOURCES. _WPRESOURCES is used for solutions that are deployed as farm/full-trust solutions, and WPRESOURCES is used by solutions that are deployed to a web application (see chapter 7). For farm solutions, the _WPRESOURCES directory is the same for all web applications across the farm, but WPRESOURCES exists on the web application level so those resources aren t shared across web applications.
Working with layouts
Constrained delegation
You must also override the Construct subroutine in your class. This is a special function that runs immediately after your constructor when you have object construction enabled on your component. It is used to initialize your component with data that is stored in the construction string in our example, you are loading the stored connection string into a module-level variable called cnString. When you open the Component Services administration tool, find your component, and view its properties, you can easily set up and/or view the constructor string from the Activation tab of the Properties box, as shown in figure 6.27. When you registered your component in COM+, object construction was automatically enabled and your default constructor string was copied into the constructor string text box of your component. Again, this was all accomplished through the attribute that you specified on your class. You can easily change this value by simply editing the text box. In this instance, when you deploy your component to a production server, you will probably want to specify a database connection string that points to a production database. From a code maintenance perspective, object construction is great because you can initialize tasks inside your component without having to recompile any code. More often than not, developers end up spending time editing, recompiling, and redeploying their COM+ components when they could have used object construction to prevent this endless cycle. 6.4.6 COM+ partitions Most developers have been waiting for the ability to set up COM+ partitions. Traditionally, because of the methods used to register COM+ components, once a component was registered in COM+ that was it. It couldn t easily be unregistered, and you USING COM+ SERVICES 1.5
the context under which the account runs, as this can result in communication failures in your MOM environment.
Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
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