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This endpoint is marked with the ConnectionConsumer attribute, and it takes the IWebPartRow interface as the parameter. The connection interface is stored in a local variable. You also need to update the IsConnected method so that the Web Part can be connected through this endpoint:
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Videos & TV Ch. 9
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... public Hand Deal() { Hand hand = new Hand(); int bias = Bias; while (hand.Score > 0 && bias-- > 0) hand = new Hand(); return hand; } public Hand Draw(Hand oldHand, string holdCards, int bet) { int bias = Bias; Hand newHand = new Hand(oldHand, holdCards); while (newHand.Score > 0 && bias-- > 0) newHand = new Hand(oldHand, holdCards); bank.SaveGame(newHand.ToString(), newHand.Score, bet); return newHand; } ...
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Developing SQL Server code can be challenging. You have so many ways to achieve the same result that the challenge isn t coming up with working code, but picking the best working code from a bunch of alternatives. So what s the point of adding yet another technique, other than making an already tough choice even harder
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Introduction to XQuery on SQL Server
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We see that $a and $c are true, $b contains the argument Hello , and $d is still false since it wasn t in our list of test options. The option list has been processed correctly.
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printf( "Hello, world!\n" );
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The Immediate Window
Figure 13 4. The shape of things to come
C# and VB.NET language enhancements
Frameworks in Xcode
The value of MCMS lies in its capability to facilitate a group of business information workers who collaborate via portal. They maintain and
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