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Prompt the user to enter a name, and then display that name only if it s longer than 5 characters. Do this all in a single line don t use a variable.
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Checking Syntax in the Documentation
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Figure 5.14 The Cluster Security Policy tab lets you select between the default service SIDs and custom domain membership.
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The FoodViewController is still missing. This is the last piece of the application and the class handling the highest level of detail in our navigation-based app. When adding the new file for the FoodViewController, be sure to uncheck the UITableViewController subclass checkbox on the file template chooser, as shown in Figure 8 11. Instead, we are going to use a simple view to show the food when the view controller is loaded.
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Initializing Automatic Variables
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In chapter 1 we discussed the report lifecycle and identified the first stage as the reportauthoring process. Recall that in this stage, you set up the report data and lay out the report itself. The report data and layout information are described in a report definition file. You may wonder what options are available to you as report authors with RS. As you will see shortly, RS offers not one but several ways to create reports. In this chapter we discuss The report-authoring process Authoring reports using Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) Generating the report definition language (RDL) report manually Third-party tools for report authoring
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static void LoadEmployeesFromDatabase() { using (ISession session = OpenSession()) { IQuery query = session.CreateQuery( "from Employee as emp order by emp.name asc"); IList<Employee> foundEmployees = query.List<Employee>(); Console.WriteLine("\n{0} employees found:", foundEmployees.Count); foreach( Employee employee in foundEmployees ) Console.WriteLine(employee.SayHello()); } }
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Let s imagine we only intended to update some products, not all of them, as shown in the previous statement. Short of running additional commands to roll back the price increase (and other flow-on effects), we d be looking at a database restore, but if we can t remember the time of the update, a transaction log recovery using the STOPAT option won t help. One of the optional clauses we used in the update price transaction was WITH MARK, and we can use that in a restore command. After performing a restore of a full backup in NORECOVERY mode, we can then restore a transaction log backup made after the transaction to the point immediately before the mark, using the STOPBEFOREMARK option:
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