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Data Collector and MDW
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CHAPTER 2: Chess on the Net: Correspondence Gaming with Deep Green
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Becoming an agent of change Implementing change from the top down or from the bottom up Preparing to answer the tough questions about unit testing
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You can copy text between Terminal windows by highlighting the text in one window and dragging it to the other. You can also drag text from a Terminal window to another application, or from an application to the Terminal window. You can make the Terminal window transparent by choosing Terminal Window Settings and selecting Color from the pop-up menu. This option is not very useful for editing, but in some cases (say, when screen real estate is limited) you may want to layer windows in such a way that you can see information through each shell. The new Terminal supports antialiasing of fonts and better vt100/vt220 emulation.
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This command is like choose file, but it allows only the user to choose a folder. code example
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Note: You can modify the properties for these objects in the collection editor or in the Properties window. The collection editor is shown here. To use the Properties window, create the buttons, click OK to close the window, and then simply select the desired toolbar button from the list at the top of the Properties window.
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The application model and the plug-in
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Choose that menu item and you will see the documentation for your project in the nowfamiliar format. In Figure 8-15, I have navigated from the documentation home page to the class reference for the Converter class; you can see the comments that you added a few pages ago (see Listings 8-1 and 8-2) have appeared in the Member Function Documentation section.
Exceptions provide a robust way of dealing with error conditions. Since an unhandled exception terminates a thread, it is imperative that complete and thorough error handling be in place. At the very least, an UnhandledException handler should be put in place to record the occurrence of an unhandled exception. If time is spent during the early stages of development adding error handling, the overall quality of the product will be much higher. Additionally, as errors are encountered it will be much easier to correct them. The return on investment for adding error handling is very high.
Let s examine how content elements are normalized in table 6.3. If an item has its content in a standard RSS <description> element or Content Module <content:encoded> element, the normalized form is <description>. But a lot of newsfeeds use the <description> element for a short summary and <content:encoded> for the full content of each item. Again, the standard RSS elements can t handle both summary and content, so the normalized form uses the <atom:summary> element for the summary and the RSS <description> element for the full content.
Aggregations have long been the key to gaining the best query performance from Analysis Services, yet they are commonly misunderstood. What, exactly, are aggregations What is the best approach for designing aggregations What tools are available to assist you with this task What changes have occurred in the various releases of Analysis Services that affect your approach to aggregation design I hope to answer all of these questions and more in this chapter. Read on.
1. Launch the Site Manager, log on using administrative credentials, and select Start. 2. Select User Roles in the Site Manager window. 3. Right-click on the rights group to which you want to add members and select Properties. 4. Select the Group Members tab in the Properties dialog box, and then choose Modify. 5. From the drop-down box in the upper-right corner, select Select from List of All Groups and Users.
Notice the only method contained in the ThreadedClass is run. This example prints out 0 to 99, pausing one second between each iteration. The following is an example of using the ThreadedClass:
Figure 2.18 The Document Outline. A preview of the currently selected item is automatically generated.
public class Matrix { protected int rows; protected int columns; double[] values; public Matrix( double[] values, int rows, int columns ) { this(values,true,rows,columns); } protected Matrix( double[] values, boolean copyValues, int rows, int columns ) { this.rows = rows; this.columns = columns; if (copyValues) { this.values = new double[values.length]; System.arraycopy(values,0,this.values,0,rows*columns); } else { this.values = values; } } public int getRows() { return rows; } public int getColumns() { return columns; } public double getValue( int row, int column ) { return values[row*columns+column]; }
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Figure 8.11 Using RequiredFieldValidator control
Combining Math and Assignment Operations
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