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To copy images to your iPad: Select, then drag and drop images from your computer into this folder to put them on your iPad. To copy images from your iPad, select and drag and drop images out of this folder onto your computer.
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Words and Paragraphs in the Real World
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CHAPTER 8: Table Views, Navigation, and Arrays
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int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { int numDots; numDots = 30; DrawDots( numDots ); return 0; } void int DrawDots( int numDots ) { i;
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Figure 3-16. A UserForm with a ComboBox control
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18,000,000 43,000 51,000,000
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One variable is of special interest here, mBlocked, through which Formic uses the concept of blocking. When animations are going on, the pieces involved will be in an intermediate state. For example, while the piece in the middle is moving out to a circle, the corresponding outer circle piece is still there and will start to fade out as the center piece reaches it. But the game itself does not have intermediate states. When the center piece has the same shape as in the tapped circle, both pieces will be renewed. Therefore, during the animation, the views and the game logic are out of sync. In that time frame, clicking the circle involved will create weird effects. This is a general problem, not specific to Formic, and it can be addressed in a couple of ways. The first one would be the totally clean one: pieces going into an animation would be removed from the normal view storage and put into a special animation queue. Also, the view controller could not rely on its own view storage and would have to ask the game object about pieces every time it accesses them. This approach, of course, requires a lot of code and an increase in messaging between the controller and the game. The second way to deal with this problem is to block the game until the animation is finished (see Figure 1-9). This is much simpler and shorter, but if blocking creates undesired gaps in your game play, you obviously cannot use it.
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Bear in mind that I ve already enabled remoting on these computers and that they re all in the same domain. Revisit chapter 10 if you d like a refresher on enabling remoting.
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within the same scope as the two TextBlock elements. Within this section, you ll learn about resource scoping in further detail. In addition, you ll see how to use declarative resources at design time. This task will demonstrate to the meaning behind the x:Key attribute and StaticResource items shown in listing 23.1. Finally, this section will end with a discussion of using declarative resources at runtime.
using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://server")) { // ... }
5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 Overview of Component Services 95 The COM+ component architecture 99 Creating a COM+ component 104 Summary 118
Here s a short collection of the most common garbage collection related hazards and how to resolve them.
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