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Integrated QR-Code in Objective-C Figure 26 21. The Genius Mix screen, showing options

The DisplayPlotPreview Method
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The browser journal keeps track of your navigation history for a session. It s what allows you to click the Back button to open the previous page and then click the Forward button to return to where you were. Browsers each implement their history journal and its API in subtly different ways. For example, Internet Explorer 7 required the use of an HTML iframe in order to generate an actual history entry when you navigate to a hashtag. Other browsers didn t update their JavaScript API objects, such as location.hash, to reflect changes to the hashtag. Some other browsers were just plain buggy and didn t consistently keep the correct state. There were other smaller differences in addition to gross API differences. Ever wonder why you need that iframe in the HTML page in a Silverlight project It s there for navigation support in older browsers, including IE7. IE7 wouldn t generate a history entry when you navigated to a hashtag unless you also navigated a frame at the same time. Some pretty clever scripting avoids a server round-trip in there, all happily wrapped inside the navigation API. IE8 doesn t require this hack.
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To disconnect Web Parts from one another, you use the same procedure. Select the current connection (the one with the check mark). If the connection is configurable, the pop-up window will allow you to change the settings, or you can choose to remove the connection. If you can t configure the connection, you ll simply see a dialog box asking you to confirm the disconnect.
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$ cd /usr/local/blogapps/python/ch20 $ set PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/blogapps/python/ch20/feedvalidator/src $ python files
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PS (4) > [math]::sin(22) -0.00885130929040388 PS (5) > [math]::cos(22) -0.999960826394637 PS (6) >
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The Send method of the MessageQueue class is used to enter a new message into a queue. Since entering a message in a queue is not a time-consuming activity, it is performed synchronously. There are several different versions of the Send method. The one we are using here is the simplest; it accepts a single object that becomes the body of the message. In order to execute this example you must have MSMQ installed. When the form loads initially, it attempts to create a message queue named.\Private$\ManningThreads. This is a local queue and should work on most installations. The following code creates the message queue if it does not exist:
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The HasMoreData column will be False when there is no output cached with that job. In the case of Job1 and MyRemoteJob, it s because I already received those results and didn t specify -keep when I did so.
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} catch (Exception exception) { lblError.Text = exception.ToString(); } }
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CHAPTER 14: Your Calendar
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