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$col = "black","brown","red","orange","yellow","green", "blue","violet","gray","white"
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Both the ps and top commands will be familiar to most UNIX users. You use the ps command to get status information for a process. Its typical command-line invocation is in one of the following forms:
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If everything we ve discussed so far has been mind-boggling, here is what we would like for you to take from this chapter. Your specific application needs dictate which authentication options you ll use. However, as with almost any architecture design, you should carefully weigh the different implementation approaches and make a trade-off between flexibility and simplicity. Unless you are architecting an enterprise-wide reporting services infrastructure, don t try to make your security implementation too sophisticated. Try to take advantage of the RS role-based security model as much as possible. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself are What is the application architectural model WinForm or web-based Intranet, extranet, or intranet How strict are the security requirements How sensitive is the report information How granular does the security policy level need to be For example, do you have to enforce restricted access at the report level, or do you need a more granular level of security Do you need to secure some portion of the data inside the report Can you use Windows-based authentication To simplify the role-based security setup with Windows-based authentication, can you group the accounts into Windows groups Sometimes, you may find the RS role-based security model too coarse. Such will be the case when you need to secure sensitive data inside the report, or what we refer to as horizontal security. Take, for instance, the Employee Sales Freeform report you created in chapter 4. This report shows sensitive data, such as salesperson performance, bonus, and commission. What if you want each salesperson to be restricted to seeing their own sales data without being able to request the report for other sales representatives Further, what if you want only the members of a certain Windows group, such as Sales Managers, to be able to see the sales data for the sales representatives of whom the manager is in charge In such cases, you need to take extra steps to supplement the role-based security model or, in more extreme cases, to replace it altogether. Let s consider some techniques that you can use to provide a more granular level of security policy.
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"usp_GetUserRoles" , pUserID); StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder(); foreach(DataRow r in ds.Tables[0].Rows) { b.Append("~"); b.Append(r["role"]); } roles = b.ToString(); }
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To start, we create the autorelease pool:
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specific version to which the issue applies. Getting connected to SQL Compact is done differently you provide a path to the .SDF file and a few arguments in the connection string to configure the connection. SQL Server Compact Edition is discussed in two other chapters so I suggest looking there for details. Instances of SQL Server run as a service, either on the same system as the client (the program that s asking for the connection) or on another system (often referred to as a server). The service communicates with the outside world via the interactive Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol that s documented online (http:/ / en-us/library/cc448435.aspx). But it s unwise to code directly to TDS, as it s subject to change without notice, and, frankly, that s what the SqlClient .NET and DB-Library data access interfaces are for. SQL Server has several entry points: A specifically enabled TCP/IP port A named pipe The VIA protocol The shared memory provider Depending on the SQL Server version, some or all of these protocols (except shared memory) are disabled by default. This hides any installed SQL Server instances from the network and prevents clients from connecting. To enable or disable one or more of these protocols, I recommend the SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM) as shown in figure 1. The SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Utility has been dropped from SQL Server 2008 but you can also use sp_configure to make protocol changes. If you expect to share SQL Server databases over a network, the client data access interfaces must address them through VIA, an IP port, or a named pipe. If the client is running on the same system as the SQL Server instance, your code should connect through the (far faster) shared memory provider. I ll show you how to do that a bit later (see Establishing a connection later in this chapter).
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Listing 11.13 The Wiki fa ade
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Generating Errors
Step 1: Make Sure the Time Zone Is Correct
Figure 2 22. JavaScript can do math with null but not with undefined. Converting strings to numbers is fairly straightforward. Number-like strings such as "4" or "3.33" convert to an equivalent number (4 and 3.33). The "" empty string converts to 0. Everything else converts to NaN. Let s try converting a few strings to a number in Firebug, verifying our work with Figure 2 23: Number("4"); // 4 Number(""); // 0 Number("Mr. Incredible"); // NaN
Figuring out which columns belong in the GROUP BY clause in an aggregate query often aggravates T-SQL developers. The rule is that any column that is not part of an aggregate expression in the SELECT or ORDER BY clauses must be listed in the GROUP BY clause. That rule seems pretty simple, but I have seen many questions on forums about this very point. If a required column is missing from the GROUP BY clause, you will not get incorrect results you will get no results at all except for an error message. If extra columns are listed in the GROUP BY clause, no warning message will appear, but the results will probably not be what you intended. The results will be grouped at a more granular level than expected. I have even seen code that incorrectly included the aggregated column in the GROUP BY clause. The query in listing 10 is missing the GROUP BY clause.
replication 31, 109 and redundancy 140 segregating 80 storage, security 83 stored, verification 82 streaming 29, 129 structured, storing in cloud database 30 35 table 30 transactional 30 uniform allocation 110 data center 19 Amazon 22 cooling 20 cooling towers 22 cost 21 vs. costs of cloud providers 199 Dalles, OR 21 economies of scale 12, 19 23 efficiency 24 evolution 11 12 Google 21 hardware 21 mega 20, 200 and virtualization 26 costs 200 labor 201 Microsoft 23 modularity 23 network connectivity and bandwidth platform complexity 201 power 20, 21 provisioning, vs. elastic cloud provisioning 117 PUE 24 scaling 21 22 security 75 76 physical 75 76 structure 20 Quincy, WA 22 roofless 23 security 20 by obscurity 75 servers 21 staffing 201
ReadyForWork = new AutoResetEvent(true);
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