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Generating QR in Objective-C Follow the steps to complete the software update.

The ForEach pattern
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One of the best-known example projects in Cocoa is the Currency Converter project. Let s try a variation on that example and build a temperature converter. This will allow you to enter a temperature value in the Fahrenheit or Centigrade boxes, and the converted value will appear in the other box. The completed project will look like Figure 6 2.
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// Position the new sprite one screen width to the right sprite.position = CGPointMake(screenSize.width + screenSize.width / 2, screenSize.height / 2); // Flip the sprite so that it aligns perfectly with its neighbor sprite.flipX = YES; // Add the sprite using the same tag offset by numStripes [spriteBatch addChild:sprite z:i tag:i + numStripes]; }
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var cloneMembers = function (donor, donee) { donee = donee || {}; for (var m in donor) { if (typeof donor[m] === "object" && donor[m] !== null) { donee[m] = typeof donor[m].pop === "function" [] : {}; cloneMembers(donor[m], donee[m]); } else { donee[m] = donor[m]; } } return donee; }; var vanillaHeathBarCrunch = { heavyCream: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], halfHalf: [2, "cup", "Organic Valley"], sugar: [5/8, "cup"], yolks: [6], heathBars: [4, "bars, coarsely chopped"], vanilla: [1, "bean", "Madagascar Bourbon"] }; var coffeeHeathBarCrunch = cloneMembers(vanillaHeathBarCrunch); = [1/4, "cup, coarsely ground", "Starbucks Espresso"]; console.dir(vanillaHeathBarCrunch); console.dir(coffeeHeathBarCrunch);
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predicateTemplate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"engine.horsepower BETWEEN $POWERS"]; varDict = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: betweens, @"POWERS", nil]; predicate = [predicateTemplate predicateWithSubstitutionVariables: varDict];
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Context Menu
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enabling such users to create and execute SQL Agent jobs in the context of the proxy s credential. With the proxy created, we can now create a SQL Agent job that uses it.
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The idea behind this feature is that, for a specific action, you generally need a single session. Because this session can be reused for all the operations (even if they re unrelated), it s logical to make this session available to the entire application (that is, to its persistence layer).
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In the examples you ve seen so far in this chapter, we ve been keeping things simple by reading newsfeeds from files on disk using a Clearly, that s not good enough. For most newsfeed applications, you ll want to fetch newsfeeds directly from the Web, and you ll want to conserve bandwidth by doing so efficiently. The ROME Fetcher is a Java class library that builds on ROME to provide an efficient newsfeed fetcher. It supports many of the bandwidth-saving techniques we covered in chapter 5, section 5.5, including HTTP conditional GET, Entity Tags (ETags), GZIP compression, and Delta Encoding. The fetcher also provides a simple event system so that your application can be notified when newsfeeds are polled, fetched, or found to be unchanged. We ll show you how to use the ROME Fetcher, but first let s discuss how it works.
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Adding an Array Controller
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Figure 3 Result of single-byte encoding applied to Chinese characters
You perform the primary editing operations using the Boolean method (see Table 9-12 for parameter details). This method, whose name is derived from its algebraic nature, alters the solid according to the Operation parameter. 3DSolidObject.Boolean(Operation, SolidObject) Table 9-12. The Boolean Method s Parameters
Rest assured, however, that the actual script is fine. The next time you open it with the target application available, it will return to its old self and display properly. As mentioned, when you save a script, you can specify its file format. Three main kinds of script files exist: regular compiled scripts, which are the native AppleScript file format; plain-text files; and applets. On top of that, OS X has a new option for saving compiled scripts and script applets as bundles. Bundles are folders that appear and behave as files, which is great when you want your script to appear as a single unit but actually conceal related files as part of it. You can read more about bundles in 22. For most purposes, your script will start as text entered in Script Editor but will be most likely saved as a compiled script file. At any point you can save the script as an applet and place it anywhere for use. You can use a script in its AppleScript format state (nonapplet files are saved with the .scpt extension) in one of the following ways: if the script is loaded into another script, you can use it in an application s Script menu where available (InDesign, BBEdit, the Finder, and so on); you can execute it from the Unix command line using the osascript command; or you can simply run it from Script Editor. Also, two similar application-based formats exist: applet and droplet. A regular applet runs the script when you double-click it, and unless it s saved as a stay-open applet, it quits after the script is done. A droplet can respond to files being dropped on it. This is useful for a script that processes files or folders. 22 discusses all these variations in detail. When saving a script as an applet, you can t specify whether you want it to be a droplet or a normal application. Instead, AppleScript determines this based on the contents of your script. Basically, if you tell AppleScript what to do in case some files are dropped on it, it will become a droplet; otherwise, it will be a normal application. I will discuss all that in detail in later chapters. So, why then would you ever save a script as text Well, you might do this for a few reasons. First, saving and opening scripts as text doesn t require that the script be compiled. This is useful when something stops you from compiling the script, namely, an error in your AppleScript text. Second, when you send scripts to be used on other Macs, you should try to send them both as compiled scripts and in text format. Getting the script s text allows the other person to open the text version of the script in Script Editor and compile it on the Mac on which the script will eventually run. This helps iron out issues that may stem from using a slightly different version of an application and gives the script a chance to see where all the applications are located on the new Mac. Another format-related option you have is to save a run-only version of the script. This will allow the script to run, but no one will be able to read it. Distributing a script as a run-only version is useful when you want to protect the rights to your proprietary code.
ITransformableFilterValues, IDefaultFilterValue
A text literal is a text value you enter directly into the script, and such text is always surrounded by double quotes. Notice step 6 in this exercise: there s text stored in the my_number variable, and then there s the text literal "Folder Number ". While the script runs, values in variables can be changed by the script, but literal values can t.
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