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Figure 4.4 The AWS step of providing sign-in credentials. In this case, it s single-factor, password-based. But multifactor authentication is highly recommended, such as using a time-based hardware token (something you have) in addition to a password (something you know). ACCESS KEYS
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Integrating unit testing into the organization
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int fscanf( FILE *fp, const char* format, ... );
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This creates another filegroup within the database named NCIX_FG (short for nonclustered index filegroup). But we must also add at least one physical operating system file to the filegroup before database objects can be stored within it (alter the FILENAME path as appropriate for your filesystem):
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I m going to use com.pushio.2push2 for my app ID.
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Generating newsfeeds with Java
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Listing 4.10 Code-behind for a richer collection (Step2a.aspx.cs)
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Symbols @ExecutionTime 436 @ReportName 436 A Accept HTTP header 349 access control list 322, 539 access options evaluating 383 ACL. See access control list 539 ACT 506, 512 ACTUser account 516 ad hoc 59, 217 Add New Report 30 ad-hoc reporting 218 developer tools 220 Ad-Hoc reports introduced 8 ADO.NET custom dataset extension 460 dataset reporting 73, 84 reporting approaches 460 advanced technique 150 Advanced Textbox Properties 162 Adventure Works Cycles 25, 43, aggregate values 167 Allow null value option 96 Analog analyzer 546 Analog log analyzer 509 Analysis Services defined 7 analyzing report execution 305 anonymous access 313, 383, 482 AppDomain CAS policy 533 AppDomain policy level. See code access security 533 AppDomain.SetAppDomainPolicy 534 Application Center Test 499, vs. data source authentication
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Sometimes you don t know how many elements will be needed, and sometimes you just don t want to create more elements than you need. Visual Basic lets you create an array whose size you can change as your application runs. To do so, declare your array variable without specifying its dimensions in the parentheses, as in this example: Dim Index() As Integer When you define the array in your source code, use the ReDim statement: ReDim Index(10) ReDim can appear only in a procedure because it executes an action at run time, unlike the Dim and Static statements. Whenever you redimension an array, the array s contents are erased. You can keep this from happening by using the Preserve keyword, as follows: ReDim Preserve Index(UBound(Index) + 1)
with the parent toolbar. Image lists are used by a number of Windows Forms controls to manage the images displayed or available within the control. As a result, we will hold off on creating our toolbar buttons until section 13.3 in order to take a look at this rather important construct.
Listing 2.1 Handling a button click
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