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Note JavaScript s value type conversion feature is covered more fully in 2.
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Based on this specification, we ll add one outlet and one action for each GUI control. The outlet will let us access the control to set and retrieve its value whenever necessary, and each control will call the appropriate action method to inform us when its contents have changed. Now modify the controller class s interface (in VillainTrackerAppDelegate.h), adding all the lines shown in bold here:
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International Travel: When You Arrive
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Delegate Protocols
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When you re querying databases, sometimes you want to combine data in two or more relations. This is achieved using a join. For example, you may join the data in the ITEM and BID tables, as shown in figure 7.1. Note that not all columns and possible rows are shown; hence the dotted lines.
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Listing A.1 Code for the LobSystem and URL from which to fetch the WSDL
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2.15 X Window under Mac OS X
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if (item != null) { item.Delete(); } } } } }
For the example database, we ll Server create a database called MyAppDB, Information which will have a 5 MB file in the PRIMasterDBPath MARY filegroup to hold the database MasterDBLogPath metadata. This file should never grow beyond 5 MB because it conDatabases tains only database metadata. We ll Database use the logical name MyAppDB_ FileGroups SysData for this file and house it in the default data path for the server. FileGroup The application data will be IsDefault located in a second filegroup called Files AppFG, which we ll set as the default DataFile filegroup for the database. We ll create one file with a logical name Name MyAppDB_AppData and house it in FileName the default data path for the server GrowthType as well. We ll set an initial size of 25 Growth MB and allow it to grow by 25 MB each time it is required, but set a MaxSize maximum size of 100 MB. Alter Log files in SQL Server do not use LogFiles filegroups, so we ll add a log file to the LogFiles collection of the dataLogFile base with a logical name MyAppDB_ Name Log and house it in the default log FileName file path for the server. We ll set its GrowthType initial size to 10 MB and allow it to grow by 10 MB each time it needs to Growth do so, but we won t set a maximum MaxSize size for the log file. Create After we ve created the structural Alter objects for the database, we execute the Create method, but SQL Server Figure 5 The SMO Databases collection and automatically sets the default file- Database object group to PRIMARY when a database is created, so we have to go back in and set the default filegroup to AppFG using the Alter method at both the filegroup and database levels. Figure 5 is a hierarchical diagram of the objects we ll use to create the database. Now let s look at the example code in listing 4.
Set the version number of the application to 2.3. IMPLEMENT A CLICK HANDLER FOR THE BTNLOAD BUTTON Action 1 Display the MainForm.cs [Design] window (the Windows Forms Designer window). Add a Click event handler for the Load button.
Public Class MyComparer Implements IEqualityComparer(Of String) ' Methods Public Function Equals(ByVal x As String, ByVal y As String) As Boolean Implements System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer(Of String).Equals Return (x.Substring(0, 2) = y.Substring(0, 2)) End Function Public Function GetHashCode(ByVal obj As String) As Integer Implements System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer(Of String).GetHashCode Return obj.Substring(0, 2).GetHashCode End Function End Class Dim dictionary As String() = New String() _ {"F:Apple", "F:Banana", _ "T:House", "T:Phone", _ "F:Cherry", "T:Computer"} Dim comparerDelegate As New Func(Of String, String)(AddressOf comparer)
A box is a 3DSolid object with edges parallel to the axes of the WCS. You create it using the AddBox method: Set 3DSolidObject = Object.AddBox(BoxCenter, Length, Width, Height) Table 9-1 presents the AddBox method s parameters.
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