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dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:2.5]. To get an NSDate object with a time that will never be reached (in your lifetime), use [NSDate distantFuture].
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You may be a little confused at the title of this chapter, or possibly think that we re off our rockers, because Microsoft markets the Business Data Catalog in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 Enterprise as read only and this chapter is all about writing back to the LOB system. The Business Data Catalog does support read/write, both in the object model and in the application definition file. It s the web parts that don t support write back or updates. There are mixed reviews about writing back to the LOB system, which may be why Microsoft didn t allow the out-of-the-box web parts to read and write. In the back-end databases, you ll find validation, and referential integrity, which won t be present in the web parts. Therefore, when you write custom code that does write back, you ll need to make sure that all of the validation rules are
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PS (3) PS (4) PS (5) 123 456 PS (6) 2 > $intList.Add(123) > $intList.Add(456) > $intList
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This is the meat of the book, organized in 25 easy-to-understand chapters packed with loads of pictures to guide you every step of the way.
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The not operator takes a Boolean value as its sole, right-side operand and returns the opposite Boolean value. If the operand is true, the result is false. If the operand is false, the result is true. The following script snippets show the not operator in action: not true Result: false not false Result: true not (1 + 2 = 3) Result: false Since the expression (1 + 2 = 3) results in the Boolean value of true, putting the not operator before it reverses the result to false. The not operator is useful in a few situations. One is reversing a Boolean value when testing its value in a conditional statement. Here s a practical example that creates a folder named TO DO on your desktop if it doesn t already exist: tell application "Finder" if not (folder "TO DO" of desktop exists) then make new folder at desktop with properties {name:"TO DO"} end if end tell
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This chapter the first on LINQ to Objects demonstrated how to perform several kinds of operations on object collections in memory. This chapter also introduced the LinqBooks running example. We ll continue using it for the code samples in subsequent chapters. You also created your first ASP.NET web site and your first Windows Forms application using LINQ. Most importantly, we reviewed major standard query operators and applied typical query operations such as filtering, grouping, and sorting. What you ve learned in this chapter is useful for working with LINQ to Objects, but it s important to remember that most of this knowledge also applies to all the other LINQ flavors. You ll see how this is the case with LINQ to XML and LINQ to SQL in parts 3 and 4 of this book. When we cover LINQ s extensibility in chapter 12, we ll demonstrate how to enrich the standard set of query operators with your own operators. After learning a lot about language features and LINQ flavors in four chapters, it s time to consider some common scenarios to help you write LINQ code. This is the subject of the next chapter, which will also cover performance considerations in order to help you avoid writing suboptimal queries.
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using System; using Microsoft.Feeds.Interop; namespace BlogApps_06 { class PrintFeed { static void Main(string[] args) { if (args.Length < 1) { Console.Out.WriteLine("USAGE: PrintFeed <url>"); return; } string url = args[0]; FeedsManager fm = new FeedsManagerClass(); IFeed feed = null; if (fm.IsSubscribed(url)) { feed = (IFeed)fm.GetFeedByUrl(url); } else { IFeedFolder rootFolder = (IFeedFolder)fm.RootFolder; feed = (IFeed)rootFolder.CreateFeed(url, url); } foreach (IFeedItem item in (IFeedsEnum)feed.Items) { Console.Out.WriteLine("item.Title: " + item.Title); Console.Out.WriteLine("item.PubDate: " + item.PubDate); Console.Out.WriteLine("item.Description: " + item.Description); } } }
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Using External References
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Figure 8.14 The General tab of the UDDI Server Properties dialog box
<bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion=""/>
I believe you know how to do the first three of those. The fourth is accomplished with your old friend, Select-Object. Take a moment and read the help for Select-Object. Can you see any parameters that would enable you to keep just the first or last number of objects in a collection
Deactivating a Feature is similar to activating it. To deactivate a Feature, use the Disable-SPFeature cmdlet:
On the next screen, enter the information requested and click the button at the bottom of the page that says I accept. Create my account. When that s successful, you ll see a screen that says Congratulations! Click the Show me my account>> button to get started.
Quantifier Operators
Implement the Click handler for the Move Down button.
If a validation control triggers an error, it sets the page s IsValid property to false. If there are multiple validation controls on the form, the IsValid property provides a convenient way to check for any input errors. If you run this example, and submit the form without making an entry in the age field, you should see the result shown in figure 8.11.
Complete the information, enter your Apple ID and password, and click Continue. Depending on what you are registering, select either One product or More than one product. In this case, we chose One product (Figure 29-5).
The StyleName Property
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