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You can use the set command to assign new values to a record s properties. Here s an example: set the_dude to {name: "Bob", age: 24, married: true, income: 55000} set income of the_dude to 75000 return the_dude result: {name: "Bob", age: 24, married: true, income: 75000} Records are useful when you have a static set of related information that you want to use in a script and you would rather clump that information into a single variable instead of dividing it into multiple single-value variables. barcode generation
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Figure 7-1. The MOM Reporting web console
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Figure 30 44. The Windows System properties page, which shows the operating system version
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If you have watches already defined in your code, the Watch window appears when the program s execution hits that watch. If a watch expression is out of scope, the Watch window contains no value. To display the Watch window, choose View Watch Window.
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Switch Parameter
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Building pages and dashboards
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Design goals applied to an NHibernate application
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You can t select or edit entities on locked layers. However, the objects are still visible as long as the layer is on and thawed, and you can still use them in object snap selection, acting as an aid to the creation and modification of entities on other layers. Although you can t edit or select entities on a locked layer, you may add new entities to it. This feature can be very useful when you create an overlay or for reference data. Locking a layer doesn t preclude you from altering its on/off, freeze/thaw, plot/noplot, color, linetype, or lineweight properties. The Lock property holds a Boolean value, and setting it to True will lock a layer. A value of False will unlock the layer, for example: objLayer.Lock = False Check the value of the Lock property to determine the current state of a Layer object: If objLayer.Lock Then ... 'executes if layer is locked decode pdf
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In this example, you also use the {} syntax for columns you don t want to customize. In section 6.1.2, you defined an item s initial price as a composite user type; this example shows how to load it. Because the native SQL is tightly coupled to the actual mapped tables and columns, we strongly recommend that you define all native SQL queries in the mapping document instead of embedding them in the C# code.
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<asp:ScriptManager id="ScriptManager" runat="server" EnablePageMethods="false" EnablePartialRendering="true" EnableScriptGlobalization="false" EnableScriptLocalization="true" />
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Media and Content Media and Content
Figure 10 1. Dialing phone numbers with your iPhone Keypad.
Reporting instance SQL Server 2005
To add this mapping document to your solution, do the following:
Memory Management with cocos2d
As before, we will begin with our PhotoAlbum class. 6.7.1 READING ALBUM DATA The Open method will accept a file name and read the photo album stored in this file. It relies on the user interface layer in the caller to provide an actual file, and will throw an exception if an error occurs.
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