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The following example uses the different domains to collect a list of all the scripting additions installed on OS X: set addition_names_list to {} tell application "System Events" set os_x_domains to every domain whose name is not "Classic" repeat with domain_ref in os_x_domains set addition_names_list to addition_names_list & (name of every file of scripting additions folder of domain_ref whose name extension is "app" or name extension is "osax") end repeat end tell return addition_names_list
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Once a timer is added to a form we need to interact with it. A timer is a simple device. It contains a switch that indicates whether or not it is active. This is exposed as a property called Enabled. To turn on the timer, simply set Enabled to True:
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It is not strictly necessary to save and reload the schema. If we reload just the data without the schema information ADO.NET will use heuristics to infer the correct data types. However it is better to explicitly specify the schema if the information is available. It should be clear from this example that we don t even need an underlying DBMS to create, store, and retrieve relational data using ADO.NET. The tight integration of databases with XML suggests all sorts of interesting application design opportunities. We can stream relational data over the network as XML. We can traverse our database using an XML parser. We can embed a portion of our database directly in a document. We can probably throw away our proprietary report formatting tools and use XML with XSL, a style language for transforming XML, to create attractive reports with little coding effort. Later in this chapter, we create a program which builds a simple XML document containing the elements of a report on the poker machine s statistics and profitability. The class uses an XSL transformation to convert the XML to HTML so that the report can be viewed online in a Web browser.
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The IMetaWeblog interface is a little more complicated because it includes some XML -RPC structs. Each one must be passed as a C# struct, so before we define the IMetaWeblog interface itself, we define the C# structs we ll need: Post b and Resource C. Apart from that, the interface works in the same way as the IBlogger interface. The best way to see how these interfaces work is to see them in action, so let s move ahead with our blog client implementation. Blog client implementation in C# The first part of our blog client library is the entry point, the IBlogConnection interface. Let s dive right into the code in listing 9.5.
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Step 1 Start the Blogapps server server or your preferred blog server. Step 2 Start Visual Studio and open the solution called BlogApps_02. The Solution contains a project called BlogPoster, which contains BlogPoster.cs. If you have unpackaged the examples into c:\blogapps, you will find this Solution in the directory c:\blogapps\csharp\ch02. Step 3 Ensure that the configuration file is set up correctly for calling your blog server. Below is an app.config file with the correct parameters for posting to the Blogapps server blog server:
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C# supports C-style escape sequences in strings:
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The autoRemoveOnFinish property is a convenience feature that is only meaningful if used in conjunction with particle systems that don t run infinitely. Cocos2d defines a constant kCCParticleDurationInfinity (equals: -1) for infinitely running particle effects. The majority of particle effects fall into that category.
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One of the first DMV queries that I like to run on a busy or unfamiliar database server looks at top waits for the server instance. This gives me a much better idea where to focus the rest of my information gathering, because I'd run different sets of DMV queries to further investigate CPU pressure, I/O pressure, memory pressure, index usage, and so on. The top waits DMV query is shown in listing 2.
Items moved to Deleted Items no longer show up in the gallery hierarchy, but remain in the MCMS database. Remove an item by removing it from Deleted Items.
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