We don t recommend eager fetching for collections, so you ll map the item s collection of bids with lazy="true". This option is almost always used for collection mappings (although it s the default since NHibernate 1.2, we ll continue to write it to insist on it):
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The ViewToPlot Property
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CREATE THE TAB PAGES FOR THE IMAGESDLG FORM (continued) Action 4 Create a PictureBox control containing the image for this photo.
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If a slot has not been created using the AllocateNamedDataSlot method before GetNamedDataSlot is called, the slot will then be allocated. This means that calling AllocateNamedDataSlot is optional. As a good coding practice, if it can be determined that a thread local data slot will be required then allocation should be performed before accessing the slot.
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You d then need to locate the correct customer by performing a find, as shown in figure A.2.
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Figure 1 1. The headset, USB cable, and wall plug adapter in the bottom of the box.
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We will handle each of these actions by selecting the appropriate node in our TreeView control. This permits the tree view to be in charge of ensuring that all controls on the form display the proper information based on the currently selected node. This is a good general mechanism that can be employed in any application. Let s take a moment to consider what the behavior should be for each of these actions. These are summarized in the following table.
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CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fnBookCountForPublisher ( @PublisherId UniqueIdentifier ) RETURNS int AS BEGIN DECLARE @BookCount int SELECT @BookCount = count(*) FROM dbo.Book WHERE dbo.Book.Publisher=@PublisherId Return @BookCount END
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Offering the advantages of both file system and in-database storage is the FileStream data type, introduced in SQL Server 2008. OVERVIEW FileStream provides these advantages:
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Former Life As a Developer: Joe has been programming Cocoa/Obj-C on Mac OS X since 2001, and was a lead researcher at the Apple Electronic Media Lab for the three years of its existence in the mid-90s. After that, Joe started one of the earliest and most popular Internet Radio companies in 1996 and still does an occasional volunteer afternoon music DJ shift on KGNU, the AM/FM community radio station in Boulder/Denver. Joe has been exploring computers since he was 9 years old, sneaking into the campus computer lab to play games on the terminals, and his first home computer was an Apple ][+. Life as an iPhone Develooper: Joe is the co-founder of Push.IO, a startup building "smart infrastructure for smart phone developers." For the last year he's been doing enterprise iPhone development, building native iPhone applications for a Fortune 100 financial services company. dim encoder
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Table 15.9 Properties of the ChildWindow control Description Set this value to determine whether the close button, typically at upper right, is visible or collapsed. If you set this to false, make sure you provide another way to close the window. When the ChildWindow is displayed, it includes an overlay that covers all other content in the current Silverlight application. This gives the illusion of a modal dialog. Use OverlayBrush to set the brush to be used for that overlay. Sets the opacity of the overlay. A higher opacity means less background content shines through. Displays content in the window title bar. Although typically text, this can be any element.
CHAPTER 6: Switch View with Multiple Graphics
automatically adjusts the Size property for each control to accommodate the horizontal orientation. While this is not part of our final application, these changes are shown in the following code. The corresponding application window appears in figure 15.5.
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Photograph property for binding source
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