Accessing and Iterating Groups in Office Word

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Table 15.1 Web Part Zone properties Property Description Boolean value indicating whether users are allowed to customize the shared mode of Web Parts in the zone. Boolean value indicating if a user can add, close, remove, or change specific layout properties of Web Parts in the zone. Boolean value indicating if users are allowed to personalize the Web Parts in the zone. The title of the Web Part. The property accepts localization strings. Determines the layout orientation of the Web Parts in the zone. Its value can be Horizontal or Vertical.
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In the case of the Text example in listing 2.14, the markup extension is providing a value from the data binding engine. We ll cover data binding in chapter 11. Markup extensions are a great way to get some additional functionality out of XAML, without needing to use a verbose object syntax. One downside is that you can t create them yourself. The two extensions you can create yourself are type converters and value converters.
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At this point the table is defined for CDC. A number of tables and functions are created in the AdventureWorks2008 database to support CDC, along with two SQL Server Agent jobs for capturing and cleaning up captured data. To simulate and view captured changes, let s run the script shown in listing 6.7.
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In this scenario, you might need to either remove index hints, or explicitly hint SQL Server to access the table via its heap or clustered index storage, instead of via the nonclustered index (which is offline).
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Calling shared methods When using custom code in external assemblies, you can call both instance and shared methods. If you need to call only shared methods (also called static in C#) inside the assembly, you are ready to go because shared methods are available globally within the report. You can call shared methods by using the fully qualified type name using the following syntax:
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This kind of code creates a projection of data, hence the name of this operator s family. Let s take a look at the second projection operator. SelectMany The second operator in the projection family is SelectMany. Its declaration is similar to that of Select, except that its selector function returns a sequence:
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If you opted to install the RS samples in the Feature Selection step, the Setup program will ask you to specify the SQL Server instance where the sample AdventureWorks2000 database will be installed, as shown in figure A.6. As we mentioned, you need the AdventureWorks2000 database in order to run the sample reports included with the book s source code. save images vectors
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The object value type provides a way for you to create a place in memory for related values, which may be named with an identifier or string. Those related values are referred to as members. So, we say an object contains members. Alright, click Clear in both Firebug panels. Then create an empty object literal named iceCream by keying in a pair of curly braces, followed of course by a semicolon. var iceCream = { }; Now add a member named "Chocolate Fudge Brownie" followed by an expression with the number of calories per pint. Just like variables, members may contain a literal value or an expression for a value. Note that the name of the member is separated from the value by a colon. var iceCream = { "Chocolate Fudge Brownie": 4 * 260 }; OK, now members are separated by a comma. So to add a second member, follow the first one with a comma, like so: var iceCream = { "Chocolate Fudge Brownie": 4 * 260, "Half Baked": 4 * 250 }; Now there are several more members so that we have ten in all. Just remember to separate them with a comma. But don t follow the final member "Mission to Marzipan" with a comma.
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void DoSomeStuff( void ) { /* stuff done here */ } int main( void ) { int ii; for ( ii = 0; ii < 10; ii++ ) DoSomeStuff; return 0; }
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Touch to see icons.
Get-WmiObject Win32_BIOS -comp Server-R2,NotOnline,LocalHost -ea Stop
Creating and Modifying XML Documents
com = new SqlDataAdapter(sql, con); com.Fill(ds, "MinBet"); Application["MinBet"] = ds.Tables["MinBet"].Rows[0][0]; } </script>
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