The PickFirstSelectionSet Property in Microsoft Word

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Create two NSPort objects, then use those to create an NSConnection. Let +[NSConnection connectionWithRegisteredName:host:] create a preconfigured NSConnection for you. Obtain an NSPort from NSSocketPortNameServer and use it to create an NSConnection.
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Note: Event handlers in Visual Studio .NET tend to use an e parameter for the event parameter to the call. To ensure we avoid a conflict, we will use ex as a standard variable name for an Exception object.
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As useful as lines, rectangles, and circles are, occasionally, you need to create a more dynamic shape. To create more complex shapes, Silverlight supports the use of the PathGeometry.
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Query and transform XML with LINQ to XML
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Case "YELLOW" Layer.Color = acYellow Case "GREEN" Layer.Color = acGreen Case "CYAN" Layer.Color = acCyan Case "BLUE" Layer.Color = acBlue Case "MAGENTA" Layer.Color = acMagenta Case "WHITE" Layer.Color = acWhite Case Else If CInt(Answer) > 0 And CInt(Answer) < 256 Then Layer.Color = CInt(Answer) Else MsgBox UCase(Answer) & " is an invalid color name", _ vbCritical, "Invalid Color Selected" End If End Select Next Layer End Sub
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To format a char as an unsigned numeric value, use the specifier %hhu. To format a 64-bit long long integer in hexadecimal, use the specifier %llx or %qx. If you are unsure if the type of an argument will match its specifier, force it using a typecast, as in [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%hi",(short int)i]. In 32-bit CPU architectures, the long int type is 32-bits, so int and long int mean the same thing. Nevertheless, it s good programming practice to match the correct length modifier (%ld) when passing a long int argument, even though the simpler form (%d) is compatible. Objective-C string formatting does not provide format specifiers for Boolean values, dates, or times. The -[NSDate description] method returns the date and time using an ISO-like international format. If that s sufficient, the date object can be formatted using %@. For more complex date formatting, use NSDateFormatter, the results of which can then be inserted into a format string using %@. When formatting Boolean values, I typically use a trinary conditional expression, as in [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",(t @"YES":@"NO")]. This is by no means a comprehensive exploration of formatting strings. The Cocoa framework implements the IEEE printf specification, with some additional Objective-C specific extensions. This IEEE standard is extensive and includes many obscure options, features, and specifiers. The Format
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This gives us Herbie. Likewise, we can get the make:
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Figure 6 14. Create the second of the three Cocoa Touch UIViewController subclasses.
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controls that can do this, but building it will show you how to inherit from a base class and support templating and visual states.
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Property exposing single Visual
A subroutine returns the result of the last statement to execute in the subroutine. To make subroutines more legible, the final statement uses the return command to return the final value. Not every subroutine returns a value, however. on calculate_numbers (a, b) set the_result to a + b return the_result end do_something To return more than one result, collect the different results in a list, and return the list as the result.
EF doesn t have the equivalent because your data store is an object model over a conceptual data source, not the data source itself, but EF does expose the underlying
In listing 2 we can observe how the data model can be implemented from the perspective of the Band entity: a Discography is a collection of one or more Bands, containing one or more Members. This way, each individual Band entity can exist independently of any Album entity, but the consistency of the Discography as a whole remains intact as long as each Album entity references the appropriate Band entity (or entities). In listings 1 and 2 we can observe that both XML Schemas import a third one. This is due to yet another simplification, based on the fact that both the Album and the Band
Use a local factory method (Extract and Override)
For this example, you ll continue to build on the RSS Web Part used in previous chapters and make it into a consumer Web Part. The RSS Web Part will be connected to a provider Web Part that provides a URL to the RSS Web Part. You ll create a new Web Part that will serve as the provider.
> for ($i=0; $i -lt 10; $i++) . bp {$i -eq 5}
NHibernate uses the Identity Map pattern to make sure an item s user is the same object as the user you had before loading the item (as long as you re working in the same transaction). You ll learn more about the concept of identity in section 3.5.
When troubleshooting a connection issue, it s best for your application to use your own diagnostics to test for network and service availability, as the human running the application is often unable to return reliable information about the state of the network, SQL Server services, or the weather. For this reason, I encourage developers to add a few lines of code to test for the presence of the network and test the state of the selected SQL Server instance. As shown in listing 1, in Visual Basic.NET (or C#) it s easy to use the .NET Framework Devices.Network class.
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