Figure 12-1. TestSelectByPolygon example output in Word

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Core Foundation Error Codes
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ADDING A TOOLBAR A toolbar is typically docked to the top of a window, although it can also be docked to the left, right, or bottom of a form. The following steps add a toolbar to the top of our MainForm window.
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Most controller objects are going to be custom classes or subclasses of NSApplication and NSDocument. Controllers implement the actions of your application; providing custom actions will eventually involve implementing your own methods. One consideration is to decide whether to implement your application s actions in a subclass of a controller or in a delegate. If you need to override the methods of a controller, create a subclass. If it makes sense to extend the controller class with new instance variables, create a subclass. If you are only implementing custom action methods, implement them in the delegate. If you need sets of actions that can be plugged-in to different controllers to create customized behavior, implement them in a delegate. If your solution has a mixture of needs, you can implement both: subclass the controller and attach a delegate. There are a couple of steps to creating subclasses of NSApplication and NSDocument, because these objects are created by the framework by the NSApplicationMain() function and the NSDocumentController, respectively. If you subclass them, you have to tell the framework which class to instantiate.
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Listin g 17-2. Automatic Defense Gun with Formal Delegate
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Figure 30 21. The options for the Genius Mix screen.
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For interoperability with different platforms and languages, you can export your reports to XML. You can control precisely the report output by using the Data Output tab coupled with custom XSL transformations. By now, you should have enough knowledge to be able to author reports with Reporting Services. We ll now move on to one of our favorite features of Reporting Services 2005: the ad hoc reporting tool Report Builder.
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13. Once Interface Builder opens, it will look something like Figure 2 13. Before I ask you to arrange your windows to resemble the placement that I have in mine, we need to first make sure that your Library is open. Use the shortcut L (or go to Tools, then Library) to accomplish this. See if the Library window, probably located on the left side, is indeed on your screen.
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Open the standard in Acrobat, and search it for size_t. The first occurrence in my copy of the standard said that size_t was defined in <stddef.h>. To find the #include files used by a project, start by opening your project window. Click the name of the project at the top of the Groups & Files pane. In our case, you d click the name multiArray. Next, press I, or select Get Info from the File menu to bring up the Info window for this project. My project s Info window is shown in the following screen shot. Notice the cursor toward the bottom of the window. It points to the pop-up menu labeled Base SDK for All Configurations. This tells you what software development kit (SDK) is being used to build this project. The SDK includes the files that make up the Standard Library, other libraries, the #include files you ll need to access these libraries, and more.
Listing 7 Placing a predicate in the ON clause of an outer join
Listing 10.27 An extension method for transforming an XNode using XSL
Figure 12.12 The first step of the Data-Driven Subscription Wizard allows you to name your subscription and choose the subscription type.
I prefer to coerce values myself even when it s not essential. Although it adds a bit more code, it also means anyone reading my script can immediately see where coercions are performed. So, for example, I d write that first script as follows: set the_age to 35 set the_text to "I am " & (the_age as string) --> "I am 35" That way, if somebody modifies the code later, they re not likely to break it because they didn t notice an implicit coercion was involved.
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invisible entity or an entity that s on a frozen layer. However, in 2005 and 2006, AutoCAD will select the last visible entity.
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