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A report session is a configurable time period within which the Report Server can serve subsequent report requests from the same client and for the same report from the cached report IF. A report session is always associated with exactly one client. In this respect, .NET developers can relate report sessions to ASP.NET sessions. However, the Report Server doesn t use ASP.NET sessions at all.
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Assuming you added the color and format to your report, after you run it your report should look similar to figure 11.12. You ve now learned how to build a simple business object and use it to create a report using the local mode of the ReportViewer control. You can now build on this example and configure a suite of business objects that makes creating reports a breeze.
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TDE. See transparent data encryption TDS 262 packets 265, 275 See also Tabular Data Stream temp database 290 permissions 290 temp directory 580 temp tables 560, 663 TempDB 264, 579 tempdb 9, 451, 493, 523 activity 559, 560 561 ALTER DATABASE 561 autogrowth 561 562 average size 561 behaviors 559 best practices 560 capacity issues 635 database 233, 404, 558 internals 559 I/O contention 563 I/O subsystem 563 initial size 561 LDF file 563 MDF and LDF files 561 MDF file 563 normal size 563 optimal size 561 562 optimization 561 optimized logging method 563 optimizing 559 performance 558, 559, 563 physical disk files 563 physical files 562 restrictions 559 sizing 561 templates 526 temporal sequence 63 65, 67 68 temporal intervals 63, 68 temporary objects 558 559 temporary storage 170, 175 temporary table 223, 226, 233, 264, 381, 564, 746 Temporary tables 264 Teradata 745 Terminal Services 519 test database 455 endpoints 455 test environment 324, 521, 526, 551, 707 change tracking 179 test server 518 test sets 695 test string 239 tested procedure 236 testing 326
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controlling audio playback and reporting playback status. AudioPlayer coordinates the transfer of raw audio data from AudioFileRequest into AudioFileStream packets, then into AudioQueue buffers, and finally onto the audio hardware. How this process works will become clear as we look at the code. In the meantime, Figure 6-4 provides a bird s eye view of how audio data flows through the various classes.
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Nonclustered index scan
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SELECT [image] = CASE __$operation WHEN 3 THEN 'BEFORE' WHEN 4 THEN 'AFTER' ELSE NULL END, EmployeeID, FirstName, LastName, Salary FROM cdc.dbo_Employees_CT WHERE __$operation IN (3,4) ORDER BY __$start_lsn, __$operation; -- result: Image EmployeeID FirstName BEFORE 3 Don AFTER 3 Don BEFORE 4 Teemu AFTER 4 Teemu BEFORE 7 Howard AFTER 7 Howard BEFORE 3 Don AFTER 3 Don LastName Mattingly Donaldson Selanne Selanne Jones Stern Donaldson Malone Salary 125000.00 125000.00 113500.00 227000.00 80000.00 80000.00 125000.00 125000.00
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<many-to-one name="item" class="Item" outer-join="true">
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Type an easily recognizable name
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8.2.1 Guerrilla implementation (bottom-up)
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Transaction Server (MTS) 98, 127, 143 Visio 106 Windows Server 2003 editions 10 11 Windows Server 2003 introduction 6 8 Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data 177, 179 Microsoft.VisualBasic 33 middle-tier components 95, 98 99 MIME (multi-purpose Internet mail extention) 88 89 Minimum Pool Size 137 mission-critical 62 MMC 78 mobile controls 15, 26 29 devices 15 16, 19, 26 phones 15 web applications 35 Mobile Information Server 4 mode attribute 53 Mono Project 13 MSDE 72, 194 MSDOS 272 MSDTC 119, 123 126 MSI 274, 277, 282, 284 285 MSI generation 284 MSIL 6, 41 MSMQ 42, 101, 132 MSSQLSERVER 131, 143 MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) 98, 127, 143 multi-instance ISAPIs 75 multi-purpose Internet mail extention (MIME) 88 89 multi-tiered solutions 96 multitiered application 97 98 My Computer object 147, 161 My UDDI 206 My_Computer_Zone 266, 268 MyTransactionVote 258
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Adding a Title to the Note
printf( "myFloat = %e\n\n", myFloat );
The actual shooting code first checks if the parent is visible, because if the parent isn t visible, the code obviously shouldn t shoot. The BulletCache is what shoots the bullet, using the bulletFrameName provided to the component and a fixed velocity. For the start position, the component s position itself is irrelevant. Instead, the parent position and contentSize properties are used to calculate the correct starting position: in this case, at the left side of the enemy s sprite. This bullet startPos works reasonably well for regular enemies, but for the boss it would be cooler if the bullets were shot from its mouth or nose. I ll leave it up to you to add another property to this component with which to set the bullet startPosition. Alternatively, you could also create a separate BossShootComponent and add this only to boss enemies to create more complex shooting patterns. The same goes for StandardMoveComponents, which for the boss might require hovering at a certain position at the right side of the screen.
13.2.2 Do we need a separate data access layer or is LINQ to SQL enough
CHAPTER 9: Developing an Application
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CHAPTER 11: Isometric Tilemaps
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