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Figure 3 2. Tripling elements the hard way with = and *
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The final element of the basic command is the switch parameter. These are parameters that don t require an argument. They re usually either present or absent (so obviously they can t be positional). The best example of this is the -recurse parameter on the dir command. This switch tells the dir command to display files from a specified directory as well as all of its subdirectories.
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Now the document stuff is all working as it should, but we ve got a really boring application that doesn t do anything interesting at all. Let s make our app do what we promised in the beginning of this chapter: display a bunch of colors made by blending the two chosen colors using all of Core Graphics' predefined blending modes.
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The RS Data Extensions are wrappers for .NET Data Providers.
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Putting it all together, a policy contains a condition, a target, and an evaluation mode, which defines how the policy conditions will be enforced. Evaluation modes, some of which are only available for certain facets, are as follows: On Change Prevent This mode ensures policy violations are prevented through the use of DDL triggers that roll back changes that violate policy. The mechanism used for the rollback (DDL trigger) limits the situations in which this evaluation mode can be used. On Change Log Only This mode logs violations when a change occurs that violates an enabled policy. Corresponding alerts can then be set up as appropriate. On Schedule Using SQL Agent jobs, the On Schedule evaluation mode will periodically check policy compliance, and log violations if appropriate. This mode is useful in reducing the performance impact of a large number of enabled policies. On Demand This evaluation mode is used when creating ad hoc checks. The policies are created as disabled and, as such, have no performance impact on a running instance. With these terms in mind, let s take a look at the process of importing, creating, and evaluating policies.
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Then press the Hide Keypad button at the bottom when done.
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Watching the Mouse
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Table 1.4
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PS (9) > throw "My Message!" My Message! At line:1 char:6 + throw <<<< "My Message!"
Some of the properties here are a little different than we have seen before. The StatusBarPanel is not a control, but rather a Component object similar to our menu object. The StatusBarPanel object must be fully initialized before it can be used within the StatusBar control. The ISupportInitialize interface specifies that this object uses a simple transacted notification for batch initialization. When creating such an object, use of the BeginInit and EndInit methods supported by this interface should be used to ensure proper initialization. Since panels exist within a status bar control, properties exist to indicate how to draw the panel within the containing control. See .NET Table 4.3 for a summary of all properties in the StatusBarPanel class. Some properties used here are briefly explained in the following list. AutoSize indicates whether the panel is automatically sized within the status bar, and if so how. This property uses the StatusBarPanelAutoSize enumeration, with the following values:
Procedure Variables
Note: If a file cannot be opened as an album, this will throw an exception.
Smartphone adoption
ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value < 500000, "Yellow", ReportItems!txtSalesTotal.Value >= 500000, "Green")
A ContentControl is a type of control defined by a single piece of content, which we discussed in chapter 10. Every ContentControl exposes a property called ContentTemplate, which specifies the DataTemplate to use when displaying the content of a ContentControl. This content can be styled with a DataTemplate using an approach similar to that shown in listing 11.9.
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