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CHAPTER 6: Cocoa Bindings
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Understanding your binding source
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The Properties Window
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The sections that follow explain the adjustments you can make.
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If you lack inspiration, you can always make use of the Ramdomize button. You can also ponder about the meaning of the word ramdomize, which is how it s spelled in the Particle Designer. The Urban Dictionary tells me that ramdom is a cooler form of random. So I m guessing the developers just thought their randomizer to be extra cool. Well, it s definitely inspiring even though it doesn t randomize all of the available properties. For example, Ramdomize will never change the Emitter Type, the Emitter Location, and many Emitter Type-specific parameters. Once you found your inspiration, you ll want to slide the sliders and watch what happens in the preview window. Take your time and tweak an effect until you like it. Careful, though, it s a very captivating, even mesmerizing, activity and you ll easily find yourself making new particle effects just for the fun of it.
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To adjust settings for the Facebook app: 1. 2. 3. Tap the Settings icon. Tap Facebook in the left column. You can now adjust various options: Shake to Reload feature, which reloads or updates the page when you shake your iPad; Vibrate feature, for when notifications are sent; 4. Push Notifications - These features have simple ON/OFF toggle switches. Touch Push Notifications to see the detailed switches on the next screen;.
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then, scroll to see Genre Song categories.
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Now that you ve seen arrays and pointers, there s something you should know. Every program in this book features a main() function that takes a pair of parameters:
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You can access the items in these collections using all variations of the standard Visual Basic collection syntax: Collection!ItemName, Collection("ItemName"), and Collection.Item("ItemName"). Because the Collection!ItemName syntax is the shortest of the three, we will use it the most. The items inside the Globals 150
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// Creates an animation from single files +(CCAnimation*) animationWithFile:(NSString*)name frameCount:(int)frameCount delay:(float)delay { // Load the animation frames as textures and create the sprite frames NSMutableArray* frames = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:frameCount]; for (int i = 0; i < frameCount; i++) { // Assuming all animation files are named "nameX.png" NSString* file = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%i.png", name, i]; CCTexture2D* texture = [[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] addImage:file]; // Assuming that image file animations always use the whole image CGSize texSize = texture.contentSize; CGRect texRect = CGRectMake(0, 0, texSize.width, texSize.height); CCSpriteFrame* frame = [CCSpriteFrame frameWithTexture:texture rect:texRect offset:CGPointZero]; [frames addObject:frame]; } // Return an animation object from all the sprite animation frames return [CCAnimation animationWithName:name delay:delay frames:frames]; } @end
You can choose from a variety of analysis types, ranging from Time Profile for the current application through to an entire System Trace. Leave the selection as Time Profile. Similarly, you can choose to analyze a process or a file or everything (which seems a little draconian to me, and I can t envision when you would choose it!). Leave this popup as Process. If the currently selected process is not Fibonacci Fun then use the final popup to select it. Then click the Start button or press Esc (this both starts and stops the analysis). Shark makes a little popping noise when it starts or stops analyzing. As soon as it has started, move to Fibonacci Fun and hit the Run calculation button. You will see the message Sampling... in the Shark window as it does its work. Once the calculation window is populated, you can quit Fibonacci Fun, then click on Stop (or press Esc) in the Shark window. Shark does a brief analysis then shows the Time Profile results window (see Figure 12 13). The most obvious information in this window is that over 90% of the processing time in Fibonacci Fun is spent on handling text data. Open the disclosure arrow for the highest percentage entry (at the top). You can trace the symbols right back up to the start of the program (see Figure 12 14):
toString: function () { return "[object WildMaineBlueberry]";} }; var wildMaineBlueberry = new WildMaineBlueberry("Dole frozen wild blueberries", "Tahitian"); Array.isArray(wildMaineBlueberry.halfHalf); // true Array.isArray(wildMaineBlueberry.halfHalf[2]); // false
To display the healthbar, a component class is ideal as it provides a plug-and-play solution. The header file for the HealthbarComponent proves to be highly unspectacular:
Figure 17.9 Filtering the results to those that contain Manager in the title. This was done entirely with the DomainDataSource and a little in-XAML binding.
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