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Though App.xaml may ultimately be the aggregation point for your resources, a common strategy is to place resources into individual resource dictionary files. The files are typically groups of related resources or entire application themes. Those resource dictionary files are then compiled into the application (build action of Page, Custom Tool set to MSBuild:Compile) and merged in from App.xaml or into the dictionaries of individual pages. For example, listings 23.4 through 23.7 show how to merge two different resource files into your application using App.xaml as the aggregation point but also referencing from within the dictionaries. Listing 23.4 shows the first resource file, StandardColors.xaml.
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HKLM\System\Current ControlSet\Service\ NTDS\Parameters Directories containing NTDS.dit and Active Directory log files
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In Listing 5-3, you ll learn how to rotate sprites relative to the center of the playing area to simulate a central light source.
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DoEvents Public Static Methods Exit
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In all this discussion of parameters, we haven t really discussed the lifetime of function variables or when they are visible to other functions. This is called variable scoping. If I have a function that uses a variable $x and it calls another function that also uses $x, what happens And if I set a variable in a function, can I still use that function after the script has exited All of these questions are answered in the next section. 7.2.5 Variables and scoping rules In this section we re going to cover the lifetime of variables, including when they come into existence and where they are visible. The rules that cover these things are called the scoping rules of the language. These scoping rules cover the lifetime and visibility of a variable. In programming languages, there are two general types for scoping lexical and dynamic. Most programming languages and many scripting languages are lexically scoped. In a lexically scoped language, names are visible in the module they are defined in and in any nested modules, but are not visible outside the enclosing module unless they are explicitly exported in some way. Since where they are defined controls the visibility for the variable, this is determined at compile time and is therefore called lexical (or sometimes static) scoping. On the other hand, dynamic scoping involves when the variable is defined. In other words, the visibility of the variable is controlled by the runtime behavior of the program, not the compile-time behavior (hence the term dynamic ). PowerShell has no declaration statement like the Dim statement in Visual Basic; a variable is simply defined on first assignment. We discussed this in chapter 5, but it s more important now. Let s look at an example. First we ll define two simple functions, one and two . FUNCTIONS AND SCRIPTS
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Before we use this to display the dialog, let s ponder what support we need for our new dialog. Since this is a modeless dialog, it will display while the main form is displayed. So the user may change which photo is displayed, or modify the display mode used. Such changes will require that we modify what is displayed in the dialog. To facilitate this, we will track whether the dialog is currently displayed, and which photo is currently represented by the dialog. Let s continue the previous steps and add these class members.
The Data Entry Window
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