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Include Link: Choose whether to attach a link to the cached report to the e-mail (assuming you have selected e-mail as the delivery method). Priority: Select the priority setting for the e-mail. Comment: Add comments if required (these comments will appear in the e-mail description). The subscription processing options are as follows: Select Schedule: Create a schedule for the report to run. Click the Select Schedule button to open a submenu to open the schedule selection dialog box. The report parameter values will vary from report to report since all reports include different parameters. Enter values for the appropriate parameters as required. Once you have entered values for all parameters, click OK and the subscription will be visible in both the Subscriptions tab in the report and as a SQL job (listed as a GUID) in SQL Enterprise Manager, as shown in Figure 7-13.
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CHAPTER 12: E-mail
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The following example demonstrates how to determine what methods will be invoked, along with any targets:
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Figure 6.4 Example of a race condition
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Consider the advantages an integrated development environment (IDE) gives you as a developer. Unit-testing frameworks offer similar advantages for testing. To this day, in many IDEs for other environments (such as Unix), the steps involved in getting a final binary output from your code aren t as simple, and may require manually calling other external tools to do parts of this big task. When using a modern IDE like Visual Studio .NET or Eclipse for Java, you do all your coding tasks within that environment, in a structured manner. You write the code, you compile it, you build any resources (like graphics and text) into it, and you create the final binary all that building and compiling with no more than a couple of keystrokes. Doing things completely manually would be error-prone and time-consuming, and people would defer doing that as much as possible. These problems are alleviated by tooling. In the same way, unit-testing frameworks help developers write tests more quickly with a set of known APIs, execute those tests automatically, and review the results of those tests easily.
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-(void)performSelectorInBackground:(SEL)message withObject:(id)arg
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In play mode, you can activate additional controls by tapping the screen anywhere on the album cover. You ll then see an additional slider (the scrubber bar) at the top, along with the symbols for Repeat, Shuffle, and Genius.
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