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for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { if (isOdd(i)) Console.WriteLine(i + " is odd"); else Console.WriteLine(i + " is even"); }
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Ilist results = session.CreateSQLQuery( @"SELECT {item.*}, {user.*}
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int scramingZombieHitCount = 1; static int screamingZombieBounceCount; // accessible from all modules // accessible only from this module
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The only remaining cluster-specific installation step is configuring the Cluster Security Policy. In previous versions of SQL Server, the service accounts had to be added to newly created domain groups prior to installation. Permissions for the service accounts were then managed at the domain group level. This requirement was often misunderstood, and introduced complexities when the domain groups needed to be changed. In response to this, SQL Server 2008 introduced an alternative method that uses service security identifiers (SIDs). As you can see in figure 5.14, using SIDs is the recommended configuration, although support for the old domain group method remains. The remaining steps in the installation process are the same as for the nonclustered installation described in the previous chapter. At the end of the installation, the clustered instance will be created and available, but can t fail over to other cluster nodes until you run the Add Node installation on the appropriate nodes. This installation option is used to enable additional cluster nodes to participate as failover nodes for an existing SQL Server failover clustering instance. Figure 5.15 shows one of the screens from this installation option, and in this case, we ve chosen to allow the SALES2 server to host the MARKETING instance.
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Windows Server Base Operating System Management Pack
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Figure 13-1. ReponseTestOutput.xml output viewed in Internet Explorer As Figure 13-1 shows, the script in Listing 13-1 does not have any errors and has carried out the DNS Forwarder check and completed successfully. To show the output if there were a script error, the following lines of code have had the Strline parameter removed so that the incorrect number of parameters are passed to the Createevent procedure: If Instr(Strline,Srv)= 0 Then Createevent Eventid_Dnslookup_Failed, Event_Type_Information Else Createevent Eventid_Dnslookup_Success, Event_Type_Information End If The Response Test utility will now display errors in the command output. The command output can seem very complex, but the section you are interested in is located near the end. The output is shown in Listing 13-2; the sections in bold correspond to the error and the location in the script, which is shown as the line number.
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NSLock *myLock; //mutex used to create our Critical Section IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet IBOutlet UILabel UILabel UILabel UILabel *thread1Label; //thread value labels *thread2Label; *thread3Label; *thread4Label;
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As soon as you declare the proxy or lazy attribute on Item, any single-point association to Item is proxied and fetched lazily, unless that association overrides the fetching strategy by declaring the outer-join attribute. There are three possible values for outer-join:
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Table 30-1. Other Collections BitArray Queue Stack ListDictionary StringCollection StringDictionary BitVector32
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You must modify the Presenter implementation to support the dependency injection. Simply add a new local variable to the Presenter class and modify the constructor to support injection of the Model:
NSPointerFunctionsStrongMemory NSPointerFunctionsZeroingWeakMemory NSPointerFunctionsCopyIn NSPointerFunctionsObjectPointerPersonality
No code is created perfect. You can always make improvements. Think back to the main() function and how we created the tires:
Resource governor
Figure 7.24 You can format fields in the Report Builder by right-clicking on the cells and choosing Format.
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