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Exceptions, Signals, Errors, and Debugging
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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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Polymorphism is a defining feature of object-oriented languages like C#. Therefore, support for polymorphic associations and queries is a fundamental requirement of an ORM solution like NHibernate. Surprisingly, we ve managed to get this far without needing to talk much about polymorphism. Even more surprisingly, there isn t much to say on the topic polymorphism is so easy to use in NHibernate that we don t need to spend a lot of effort explaining this feature. To give you a good overview of how polymorphic associations are used, we first consider a many-to-one association to a class that may have subclasses. In this case, NHibernate guarantees that you can create links to any subclass instance just as you would to instances of the base class. Following that, we guide you through setting up polymorphic collections and then explain the particular issues with the table per concrete class mapping.
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In this section we will simply move our existing DataGrid control into an Album tab, and create a Photo tab containing the controls shown in the figure. The following steps implement this change.
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Declarative coding is, without any doubt, the most-used way to manipulate data in SQL Server. And for good reason, because in most cases it s the fastest possible code. The basic principle of declarative code is that you don t tell the computer how to process the data in order to create the required results, but instead declare the results you want and leave it to the DBMS to figure out how to get those results. Declarative code is also called set-based code because the declared required results aren t based on individual rows of data, but on the entire set of data. For example, if you need to find out which employees earn more than their manager, the declarative answer would involve one single query, specifying all the tables that hold the source data in its FROM clause, all the required output columns in its SELECT clause, and using a WHERE clause to filter out only those employees that meet the salary requirement.
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Finding visible SQL Server instances
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Take notes, store your grocery list, and more.
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Listing 16.7 The base ViewModel class
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The Core Xcode Toolset
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You run Get-Process. The command places Process objects into the pipeline. The pipeline ends in Out-Default, which picks up the objects. Out-Default passes the objects to Out-Host, which calls on the formatting system to produce text output (you learned about this in chapter 8). The text output appears on the screen. You run Get-Service. The command places Service objects into the pipeline. The pipeline ends in Out-Default, which picks up the objects. Out-Default passes the objects to Out-Host, which calls on the formatting system to produce text output. The text output appears on the screen.
Hello Newton Hello Cayle
All Web Parts are derived from the WebPart class defined in the System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts namespace and have a set of common properties. These properties are divided into three main groups:
SQL Server tools for maintaining data integrity
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