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You see that all notes are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently edited notes at the top and the oldest at the bottom. The date that is shown is the last time and date that the particular note was edited, not when it was first created. So you will notice the order of your notes moving around on the screen. This sorting can be a good thing because your most recent (or frequently edited) notes will be right at the top. TIP: If you want a nice app to keep track of your To-Do lists, you should check out the Things for iPad is a very nice task and To-Do app. It is currently US $9.99 in the App Store.
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Real numbers have the tendency to be written using exponential notation, which is the scientific form of a number used to shrink the length of a number while (for the most part) not changing its value. You can write large numbers in AppleScript in their long form (say 120,000,000), but as soon as the script is compiled, these long numbers get converted to their exponential forms, which can prove irritating. For example, try to write the following in a new script editor window: 10000.0 When you compile the script, the number will change to this: 1.0E+4 In scientific terms, the number breaks down into the coefficient, which is always a number from 1.0 up to, but not including, 10.0, and the exponent, which is the number appearing after the E, in this case +4. The mathematical equivalent of 10,000, or 1.0E+4, is 1.0 * 10^4. In other words, AppleScript tells you, I moved the decimal point four spots to the left. Move the decimal point back, and you have your 10,000 back. It s simple, really! If you take the number 123,456,789.987654321 and compile it in a script window, it will be displayed as 1.23456789987654E+8. All you have to do is shift the decimal point eight spaces to the right to get the number 123456789.987654. What Oh . . . the last three digits after the decimal point . . . . Oh, stop being so picky! Why do you need that precise a number anyway The same decimal-shifting idea works with negative exponential numbers. That doesn t mean the number itself is negative, just that the direction of the decimal point is. For example, 1.0E-4 is actually 0.0001. Notice the decimal point moved four spots to the right. Move the decimal, and you get the number. To become part of that heartless form of displaying numbers, a real number has to be either less than 0.0001 or greater than 10,000; otherwise, it is displayed as is.
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The following sections show the basic programming patterns used when working in a managed memory environment. Some of these patterns have already been shown, but are included again for completeness and future reference.
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The first line of the file will be a comment, preceded by a # sign, and it identifies the kind of information that s included in the file. In my example, it s System.Diagnostics.Process, which is the under-the-hood name that Windows uses to identify the information related to a running process. The second line will be column headings, and the subsequent lines will list the information for the various processes running on the computer. You can pipe the output of almost any Get- cmdlet to Export-CSV and get excellent results. You may also notice that the CSV file contains a great deal more information than what is normally shown on the screen. That s deliberate. The shell knows it
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Adding a Group Object
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fileCaster.getAbsoluteUrl() + "/uploads/"); %> <item> <title><%= fileCast.getTitle() %></title> <description> <%= fileCast.getDescription() %> [<a href="<%= url %>">Download</a>] </description> <link><%= url %></link> <guid isPermaLink="true"><%= url %></guid> <pubDate> <%= utilities.formatRfc822Date (fileCast.getUploadTime()) %> </pubDate> <enclosure url="<%= url %>" type="<%= fileCast.getContentType() %>" length="<%= fileCast.getContentLength() %>" /> </item> <% } %> </channel> </rss>
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This listing illustrates how a raster-based graphic can become pixellated when inflated. It also shows how the aspect ratio is maintained as the picture is enlarged to fill every allocated pixel. As you ve probably noticed, Walker s legs are removed from this picture. This is because the bottom edge has been removed to ensure that the image fits within the allocated boundaries.
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See if you can complete the following tasks:
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Note that nowhere in our Main method do we declare a Person object. Instead we dynamically retrieve the Person type. Then we use reflection to discover its methods, and we use late binding to create a run time instance of the type and call its methods. When we save the file as reflect.cs, compile it, and run it, we get the result shown in figure 2.18.
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In this example, we may want to store our data with the address information normalized into a separate table. However, our business entity may want to combine the author, user, and address information into a single class to reflect the full information about the Author in a single class. If we only want to view this flattened information, we could easily create a server view. The view would isolate the business from needing to remember how to join the tables. The challenge with a view is that once flattened, the metadata needed in order to update records in the original tables is lost. In 1976, Dr. Peter Chen wrote a seminal paper outlining the theory of an entity-relationship model.2 In it, he outlines a separation between the physical model (from the database) and the logical model (in the objects) by inserting a conceptual model. In some ways, this conceptual model is similar to a view in that it can consolidate information from multiple sources. It goes beyond a view in several ways. First, unlike a view, the conceptual Entity Data Model (EDM) includes information about the source of the data so that the tools have enough information about the creation. This metadata indicates where the values came from and consequently where they will go when updated. Additionally, the EDM includes the ability to store both objects and relationships necessary to create fully dynamic object hierarchies in a conceptual model. At the same time that the language teams were designing LINQ, the Microsoft data teams were working on implementing this conceptual model to handle these
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Practical considerations
Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy books without having to read them. Some of the narrators are so fun to listen to, it is almost like watching a movie. For example, the narrator of the Harry Potter series can do dozens of truly amazing voices. We recommend that you try out an audiobook on your iPad; audiobooks are especially great when you are on an airplane and want to escape from the rest of the passengers, but don t want to have the light on. TIP: If you re a big audiobook listener, getting an Audible.com subscription can get you the same content at cheaper prices.
Figure 2.2 The Central Administration in SharePoint contains a Health Analyzer that analyzes the current state of the farm. If any critical errors are found, the Health Analyzer uses the status bar to notify administrators.
Typical DBA tasks: A to Z
Car *carCopy; carCopy = [[[self class] allocWithZone: zone] init];
Listing 7.1 OnAnyButtonClick implementation Routed event private void OnAnyButtonClick arguments (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Button btn = e.OriginalSource as Button; Event if (btn.Tag is Operator) originator Determines OnClickOperator(e.OriginalSource, e); the button else type OnClickDigit(e.OriginalSource, e); }
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