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if (_albumPos > _album.Count) { btnStop.Text = "&Start"; _albumPos = 0; trackSlide.Value = 0; pboxSlide.Invalidate(); slideTimer.Enabled = false; }
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Now that we have a better way to verify arrayness than simply groking whether a method like pop() or slice() is defined, let s rework cloneMembers() accordingly. Then try churning a quart of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch by cloning and augmenting a quart of Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, verifying your work with Figure 6 10: if (Array.isArray === undefined) { Array.isArray = function(v) { return {}.toString.apply(v) === "[object Array]"; }; } var cloneMembers = function (donor, donee) { donee = donee || {}; for (var m in donor) { if (donor.hasOwnProperty(m)) { if (typeof donor[m] === "object" && donor[m] !== null) { donee[m] = Array.isArray(donor[m]) [] : {}; cloneMembers(donor[m], donee[m]); } else {
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The GetPermissions method calls the RS Web service s GetPermissions web method under the context of the user whose security policy we need to check. The method returns a string array of the allowed permissions, which we sort and flatten to a string. The PolicyInheritedFrom method invokes the GetPolicies web method to find out which ascendant in the catalog hierarchy defines the security policy for each item displayed in the table region. To accomplish this, PolicyInheritedFrom calls GetPolicies recursively until inheritParent is false. Finally, it evaluates the item path and returns one of the following values: Self If the item defines its own policy Parent If the security policy is inherited from the item parent Home If the item inherits the root folder security policy In all other cases, the path to the ascendant item that defines the security policy
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You can use this panel to modify the appearance of the debugger prompt in the console, but it is probably advisable to steer clear of making any changes that you don t really need to make.
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TIP: Remember that you can flip your camera around to the front-facing camera on your iPhone so you can snap a picture of yourself or you and a friend or loved one!
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- (id) initWithPressure: (float) p treadDepth: (float) td { if (self = [super init]) { pressure = p; treadDepth = td; } return (self); } // initWithPressure:treadDepth:
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Handling errors inside SQL Server
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You may recall that you can call database-specific SQL functions in the where clause. It s also possible, at least for some NHibernate SQL dialects, to call database-specific SQL functions from the select clause. For example, the following query retrieves the current date and time from the database server (SQL Server syntax), together with a property of Item:
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[Required] [StringLength(320)] [RegularExpression(@"^[a-zA-Z][\w\.&-]*[a-zA-Z0-9]@[a-zA-Z0-9] [\w\.-]*[a-zA-Z0-9]\.[a-zA-Z\.]*[a-zA-Z]$")] public string EmailAddress { get; set; } [Range(0, 20)] public int NumberOfChildren { get; set; } }
private void LoadFormats() Call the ListExtensions { API to get the ReportingService rs = RsHelpers.Proxy; supported formats Extension[] extensions = null; extensions = rs.ListExtensions(ExtensionTypeEnum.Render); foreach (Extension extension in extensions) { if (extension.Name.ToLower()!="null") cmbFormat.Items.Add(extension.Name); } cmbFormat.SelectedText = "HTML4.0"; }
http://localhost/ReportServer /AWReporter/Sales By Territory& rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=PDF
Figure 1.1 The Microsoft SQL Server platform consists of several products layered on top of the SQL Server database engine and addresses various data management and reporting needs.
Figure 4.13 Web Parts can use custom style sheets to enhance the user experience.
static void DisplayProcesses() { var processes = new List<ProcessData>(); foreach (var process in Process.GetProcesses()) { processes.Add( new ProcessData(process.Id, process.ProcessName, process.WorkingSet64) ); } ObjectDumper.Write(processes); }
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